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With 2023.QRC2

The Generic Analysis is based on the so-called “classic mode”, not the optimized view mode. No further updates have been planned for Generic Analysis. There are also no plans to ship the Generic Analysis for optimized mode.

Once the Data Analyzer (see below) can offer the functionality of the Generic Analysis, this Analytical Application will be deprecated and is not more available via SAP Analytic Cloud Content Network. Content in your system will not be affected by the deprecation.

For details, please follow the SAP Roadmap Explorer 
here. You can easily access Data Analyzer through the product menu now.


With 2021.QRC1 we provide the new sample content for Ready-to-Run Applications, in the SAP Analytics Cloud Content Network.

Generic Analysis

The Generic Analysis is a configurable ready-to-run application in SAP Analytics Cloud for flexible ad hoc analysis of SAC model. It contains a table view, a filter area and a toolbar for different actions, e.g. Print, Bookmark or Table settings.

The Generic Analysis Application has no SAC model assigned by default. You can keep the application as it is, execute it and then assign a SAC model at runtime by choosing a model in the Model Browser dialog or by enhancing the application URL in the Web browser.


Please take a look at the blog SAP Analytics Cloud: Generic Analysis Overview.

With 2021.QRC2, we provide the a new feature for the Generic Analysis application to set e.g. variable and/or filter values ​​via URL parameters.

For more information, please take a look at the blog SAP Analytics Cloud – Sample Content: Generic Analysis application – URL parameter

Sample Content Installation from Content Network

You can install the SAP Analytics Cloud, Ready-to-Run Applications via Content Network.


After importing this content package, a new folder Analytics Designer - Ready-to-Run Analytic Application is visible in the file browser under Public.

This folder contains 2 ready-to-run applications. The Data Analyzer and the Generic Analysis application.

Using the Generic Analysis Application

There are two ways to use the Generic Analysis application:

  • Direct usage, the Generic Analysis Application can be used directly from the end user

  • As Starting point to create your own Generic Analysis Application

Direct Usage

  • Customer specific changes are possible, but will be overwritten when the updates are imported via the SAC Content Network

  • All new import/updates via SAC Content Network will affect only the original Generic Analysis application already installed

Starting point

  • Copy the Generic Analysis Template as your own application and modify it

  • Or modify the original Generic Analysis application

  • All new import/updates via SAC Content Network will affect only the original Generic Analysis application already installed

  • In case you want to update your copied Generic Analysis application, you have to do it manually

  • Customer specific changes are possible, e.g. Branding, insert new functionality or delete some features

  • Different versions of the Generic Analysis can be provided to different user groups

Generic Analysis Application - Deployment

The SAC Deployment can be used to import / export the Generic Analysis application into other SAC tenants.

The Generic Analysis application can be deployed from one SAC tenant to another one, via Import/Export functionality in SAC.


Enjoy !
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