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Performance Measurement will be general available with Wave 2022.08 and 2022.Q2 QRC Release.

How will it be deployed?

It will be deployed automatically into the side navigation under System > Performance. This new topic group Performance contains besides the Performance Measurement the possibility to directly open the Performance Analysis Tool, the Performance Statistics and Analysis and the Data Action Statistics and Analysis. It aims to make Administrators lives more easy and access the performance content faster.

What is the purpose of the Performance Measurement?

The Performance Measurement helps to measure your client hardware score and network speed because they do have a measurable influence on your SAP Analytics Cloud user experience
"The overall performance of SAP Analytics Cloud is mainly determined by the three components - client time (frontend), network time and the SAP Analytics Cloud service time (backend):"

We help you to measure how your client and network contribute to the overall performance.

You need to know that given parameters like the processor type, memory of your machine and running processes can have a negative impact on your SAP Analytics Cloud experience. Based on measurements we have conducted, the client configuration can have a significant impact on the Browser / JavaScript based performance. As well as the network latency and bandwidth impact the data transfer from and to SAP Analytics Cloud.

Measuring your system - this is where the Performance Measurement takes the stage

The Performance Measurement will help you to measure your client hardware and measure the client latency and bandwidth to the SAP Analytics Cloud Service.

You can run a system benchmark test on your client or network.

To access the test, from the side navigation, choose System > Performance >  Measurement Tool.

Client Score

The client measurement tool runs several scripts on the local machine and calculates a normalized score. This score can be categorized according to the current best practices for SAP Analytics Cloud:

To improve your client score while keeping your existing hardware configuration, watch out for CPU intensive applications and processes that may have a negative impact on your SAP Analytics Cloud performance. For example:

  • Business video conferencing services

  • Virus scanning

  • Synchronizing shared network drives

Various tests with different CPU generations showed that SAP Analytics Cloud performance is CPU sensitive. The picture below shows the impact of other CPU intense applications like video conferences to Story and Analytic Application runtimes.

Note: Some high-end CPUs of a previous generation can be faster than the low/mid-end CPUs of next generations

Important: Several bench measurements showed that an actively scanning antivirus application has a significant effect on Story and Analytic Application performance.

Network Tests

The network tests are measuring the client latency and bandwidth to the SAP Analytics Cloud Service.

Latency in milliseconds (ms) describes the time it takes from starting the request until the response arrives. A good latency is a ping rate within a low milliseconds range. Bandwidth measures the megabits per second (Mbps) transferred from SAP Analytics Cloud to the client when downloading or uploading data vice versa.

The network score may be negatively affected by other applications consuming the bandwidth, various network configurations or different network issues. For example:

  • Internet server provider connection

  • Virtual Private Networks

  • Firewalls

Important: Performance measurements showed that network performance and ping rate have a significant impact on Story and Analytic Application load times.

Further information on how to isolate and identify performance issues in SAP Analytics Cloud can be found in:

SAP KBA 2511489

SAP Analytics Cloud – Administration Cockpit

SAP Analytics Cloud Performance Statistics and Analysis

SAP Analytics Cloud Data Action Performance Statistics and Analysis
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