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In the previous two parts (Part 1, Part 2) we reviewed the options to leverage multiple measures for the waterfall chart, the option to define your own interim total, and to add a breakdown dimension.

In addition to these new options, the Waterfall chart also now provides the option to hide the root node from a hierarchical dimension without having to go through the filter steps.

You simply click on the menu for the dimension in the builder panel, and you can choose to hide the root node.

If you do decide to hide the root node of the hierarchy, just be aware, that the next hierarchical level basically becomes your "top" nodes.

Let's assume we have a waterfall chart showing several years of data with a root node.

In the given example, the years are being treated as Increase and Decrease.

In case you decide to hide the root node value, the years are treat basically as a interim / total item.


In addition to the option to choose to hide the root node of a hierarchy, the user can also choose where the parent node is being placed.

By default the parent node is placed after the children, as shown below,

but you also have the option now to enabled the property "Place subtotal parent nodes first",

which then results in the waterfall chart being displayed as shown below.

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