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You might have noticed that we enhanced the Waterfall chart in SAP Analytics cloud to make sure that our customers can cover several advanced scenarios. I will try to outline those enhancements here in a short blog series and provide some practical examples for each of those scenarios.

Lets start with the first part, the ability to define an intermediate summary as Story Designer.


So lets assume that we have a data set that looks like this.


As you can see we basically have our balance sheet items and the amount. So we upload the data into SAP Analytics Cloud and we configure the column "Balance Sheet Item" as "Accounts" in our model.


As next step we go in and create a new waterfall chart.


Now you can see that elements like the Net Revenue are just treated in the same way as any of the other elements - like a Increase or Decrease, but we have elements in our data that are intermediate summaries, such as Net Revenue, Gross Income, Operating Income, and Net Income (Total).

With the enhancement, we can now simply select the item in the chart and choose to configure the selected element as an intermediate summary.

and after repeating this step for all our subtotals, our waterfall chart looks much better.