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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
This is the seventh blog post of SAP Analytics Cloud In-story Calculation Series. If you are interested in learning more about In-story Calculation, please check out our blog series here.


Your sales department wants to create a Sales Channel dimension based on the Order ID dimension to count the number of orders for each sales channel. The relationship between the order ID and sales channel is summarized as below:

Order ID Sales Channel
Starts with 1 Agency
Starts with 2 Online Shop
Starts with 3 Retailer

In-story Calculations:

  • Calculated Dimension

Although we don’t have a Sales Channel dimension in the model, we could create a Calculated Dimension based on the Order ID dimension instead to achieve the goal. In the Calculation Editor below, we select Calculated Dimension as the type and define the name for this new dimension as Sales Channel. We then can define the formula to demonstrate the relationship between order ID and sales channel. Here we mainly use IF and LEFT statements:

Now the Sales Channel dimension is ready to use and we can easily visualize the sales order for different channels, like in the chart below.

Are you using calculated dimensions and have some questions or feedback? Please share your experience in the comments! The next blog will introduce how to show the restricted values of all account members in different granularities of time. Don’t hesitate to follow this blog series if it’s useful for you!



* The product interface may vary depending on the product version