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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Do you have a dataset and unsure how to begin with? Want to gain instant AI-driven insights on the massive business data? Would like to become an intelligent enterprise with embedded predictive analytics? As the unified cloud solution that uncovers the data behind your business, SAP Analytics Cloud enables you to create in-story calculations to flexibly analyze your data, monitor your business, and make smart decisions. In this blog series, you will be guided to use in-story calculations under different business scenarios. Now let’s have a closer look at the in-story calculation of SAP Analytics Cloud.

What are in-story calculations?

You may know calculations can be added in the modeling phase of SAP Analytics Cloud. However, it does not apply to all business cases. For example, imagine that you are the business user who is not authorized to edit the model but would like to add calculations to your business data and present the calculation results in your story. In this case, the in-story calculation functionality will help you achieve just that.

To take advantage of the in-story calculation, you need to select a chart and open the Calculation Editor from the drop-down menu of Measures or Dimensions in the Designer Panel as below:




Types of in-story calculations

In SAP Analytics Cloud, there are two major in-story calculations: Measure Calculation and Dimension Calculation.

The supporting calculations in the Measure Calculation are:

  • Calculated Measure

  • Restricted Measure

  • Difference From

  • Aggregation

  • Date Difference

  • Dimension To Measure

The Supported calculations in the Dimension Calculation are:

  • Calculated Dimension

  • Measure-Based Dimension

However, the availability of these in-story calculations depends on the connection type and the back-end system. Refer to this Help document for more information and possibilities.


What will be covered in this blog series?

This blog post series will cover the following scenarios (titles will be linked as they are published):

Blog1: Compare YTD sales with previous YTD sales

Blog2: Simulate quantity sold under different discounts

Blog3: Count Pass/Fail results and calculate the pass rate

Blog4: Calculate the change of order amount between 2019 and 2020

Blog5: Calculate Time-to-Delivery

Blog6: Group customers by the average time-to-delivery

Blog7: Create a Sales Channel dimension based on the Order ID dimension

Blog8: Show the restricted values of all account members in different granularities of time

At this point, I believe you have an overall understanding of the In-story Calculation in SAP Analytics Cloud. Don’t forget to follow this series if you think it will be useful for you!



* The product interface may vary depending on the product version
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