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Driving Successful Feature Adoption in SAP Analytics Cloud: Identifying Valuable Stories for Migration to Optimized Mode

Exciting features and enhancements have been introduced with former releases of SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC), offering administrators the opportunity to leverage the latest capabilities, while former versions can still be used and co-exist in the system. However, to ensure a successful transition and maximize user adoption, it is important to identify, prioritize and drive the adoption of assets that have a high user base and frequent usage. In the first version of the Feature Adoption we will be focusing on Optimized Story adoption.

Feature adoption in SAC refers to the process of encouraging users to embrace and integrate new features into their workflows.

When it comes to migrating Stories and Analytic Applications to the new Optimized Mode, administrators should focus on identifying those that already enjoy high user engagement and usage frequency.

With Q3.2023 release and Wave 2023.15 we will be providing you the tool to strategically identify those Stories and Analytic Applications.

We will introduce a new Section called "Feature Adoption" in the existing SAP Analytics Cloud – System Overview.

The following information will provide a comprehensive overview of accessed resources in terms of Stories, Analytical Applications, and Optimized Stories, based on the specified filter criteria. Additionally, this data will be presented by technology type, offering a detailed breakdown of their total numbers.

In addition, we will present the file structure, revealing the top 15 projects based on the number of open Story events. We will differentiate between Resources opened in Classic Mode and those opened in the Optimized Mode. You will be able to filter the chart besides to table either based on these projects.

This valuable insight will assist you in selecting classic resources for migration that are already frequently used. By doing so, you can ensure that the administrator's efforts and the user base's attention are focused on resources that will have the most significant impact.Postponing the migration of stories with low user engagement, both time and resources can be allocated more effectively.

We are confident that prioritizing high-adoption Stories not only boosts feature adoption but also enhances the overall user experience. Users who are already familiar with and reliant on certain Stories will appreciate the seamless transition to the new feature set, allowing them to continue leveraging their existing workflows without disruption.

By focusing on high-adoption stories, administrators can build momentum and generate enthusiasm among users. Seeing familiar and frequently used stories migrated to the new feature set creates a sense of continuity and encourages further exploration and adoption of additional features.

Successful Feature Adoption in SAP Analytics Cloud relies on the strategic identification and migration of Stories with a high user base and frequent usage.