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Hello All,

Below I have tried to summarise and bring clarity on different aspects of the SAP Analytics Cloud, Embedded edition service (SACEE)  in comparison with the other license versions of it. SACEE also known as SAC as a service on top of BTP and SAC through CPEA.

Q:  What is SAP Analytics Cloud, Embedded edition(SACEE)? 

A: SACEE is offered as a service on top of BTP, under the Cloud Platform Enterprise Agreement(CPEA) enabling developers to easily and quickly access and activate the service to build and integrate the analytics using APIs into their application using. Live connectivity with SAP HANA.


Q: Is SACEE available on both Neo & Cloud Foundry? 

A: No, SACEE is only available on Cloud Foundry.


Q: Does SACEE support both Live as well import data connectivity? 

A: No, SACEE supports only live connectivity and to HANA only.

For more details, please refer to this blog:


Q: Does SACEE support the full feature set of the Enterprise SAC? 

A: It only supports SAC BI capabilities. Planning, predictive and Analytics designer features are not supported on SACEE.

Please find the below feature set comparison between Enterprise SAC and SACEE:


SAC Embedded SAC Enterprise
Live access (no data replication) to embedded application data () via extended HANA live connectivity () via HANA live connectivity
Live access to other data sources X
Access to acquired (replicated) data from other sources X
Data preparation including joining multiple datasets from different systems together X
Administration rights – configure new connections and users () via API only
Create and modify SAC stories based on other data X
smart features X
Use ‘R’ predictive language X
Consume prebuilt analytics applications X
Create and modify analytic applications X
Create planning models X
Analysis for Office X

Geo Enrichment, Combine/Merge Models, Pivot/Transpose,

Fiscal Year definition
X () Supported only for acquired models

ACN Workflow, SAML Configuration,

Connection Management, User management, Permission management Story Listing
() via API only

() both via API and UI


Tenant Management (create/update/delete),

Quota management (add/remove)
(✓) via API only (✓) via SAP Support channel only
Public Dimensions X
Analytics Catalog/ Analytics Hub X
Digital Boardroom X
Intent Based Navigation X (Planned) X


Q: Is there a user limit for SACEE?

A: yes, it’s maximum 150 concurrent user sessions per customer and per tenant at a time.


Q: What are key differences between SAC Enterprise edition and SACEE? 

A: SAC Enterprise edition is the complete license of analytics that supports the 360 degree analytics with full capabilities like BI, planning, predictive and Analytics designer with both Live and import data connection.

SAC Embedded edition is available as a service on top of BTP under CPEA. This variant is meant for the application developers who would embed SAC and makes the analytics available for the end users within the context of the business application’s UI. From features point of view, SAP Analytics Cloud, Embedded edition only offers the BI capabilities and no Planning, predictive and analytics designer capabilities available with this variant.


Q: How does user interaction works in the case SACEE? 

A:  SAP Analytics Cloud, Embedded edition has a reduced scope and functionality. Therefore, most of the backend setup has been made available only through the APIs and not through the user interface. This applies for steps like creating the connection, tenant configuration, authentication and user/team creation etc.

Please find more details on the APIs here:


Q: what are the different regions where SACEE is available? 

A: AWS: Australia (Sydney), Brazil (São Paulo), Europe (Frankfurt),  Japan (Tokyo), Singapore, US East (VA)


Q: What should a user do to get the full SAC capabilities (like planning, predictive and analytics designer) when they liked the product as experienced through the SACEE? 

A: The customer will then have to buy the full Enterprise version of SAC to get the full capabilities.



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