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What is SAP Analytics Cloud?

Organizations have made vast improvements in collecting and managing their data, including the Finance & Supply Chain departments. However majority of this data are located in silos, making it almost impossible to provide the holistic view of how your organization has been doing, and what kind of actions it should take in the future.

SAP Analytics Cloud is a one simple cloud solution connecting your people, data, and ideas from multiple sources to enable fast and confident decision making. It allows users to discover, visualize, plan, and predict, all in one place.


SAP Analytics Cloud Embedded edition for S/4HANA Cloud  

Juergen Mueller, SAP CTO, announced the Business Technology Platform that unites HANA, Analytics, SCP and business services to enhance the Intelligent Enterprise.  One of the key pillars of that strategy is to embed SAP Analytics Cloud into the LOB Solutions starting with S/4HANA Cloud.

With the upcoming release of SAP S/4HANA Cloud in November, SAP Analytics Cloud will be embedded into SAP S/4HANA Cloud. Every SAP S/4 HANA Cloud installation comes with an embedded SAP Analytics Cloud tenant and the embedded version of SAP Analytics Cloud is included in the SAP S/4HANA Cloud license with no additional cost for customers. SAP Analytics Cloud will be foundational to more and more SAP solutions soon.

Juergen went on to say that the embedded licenses will be Analytics only and limited to the data in that LOB solution like SuccessFactors, SAP C/4HANA & others.   SAP Analytics Cloud embedded in SAP Solutions provides immediate value for customers to create custom operational reports for their specific application.  It also provides a starting point for organizations to leverage HANA Cloud Services.


SAP Analytics Cloud Enterprise to enhance S/4HANA Cloud and S/4HANA

BI & Augmented Analytics

There are many scenarios where customers want to combine data from multiple sources:

  • Compare sales pipeline with past transactions

  • Determine if the current inventories and the supply chain support expected orders

  • Understand how customers feel about products and the brand as it relates to the business

These are just a few of the scenarios that can be addressed by implementing SAP Analytics Cloud to access data across the enterprise.  SAP Analytics Cloud Enterprise enhances S/4HANA Cloud by providing Business Intelligence, Augmented Analytics & an application designer to create modules to support your organization.  SAP Analytics Cloud Enterprise  enables you to access data in other SAP LOB Solutions as well as 3rd parties.

Collaborative Enterprise Planning

Ventana research determined that directly linking the planning process across the enterprise achieved much better results than those that just copied or supplied no input.  SAP Analytics Cloud for planning delivers budgeting, forecasting and analysis capabilities that are invaluable to S/4HANA users as well as the other SAP LOB Solutions.

Digital Transformation

The value of SAP Analytics Cloud starts long before S/4HANA is implemented.  Many customers have found utilizing SAP Analytics Cloud in the planning phase helped with the transformation from multiple ERP systems to S/4HANA Cloud.  SAP Analytics Cloud not only combines data from multiple departments but also from multiple ERP instances.  Clients who leveraged the analysis capabilities were able to determine the return on investment of components, prioritize conversions and accelerate results.


HANA Cloud Services

During TechEd the running theme has been the technologies of the Intelligent Enterprise. SAP is evolving the Digital Platform into a Business Technology Platform, ensuring out-of-the-box integration, modularity, ease of extension, and consistent experience across business processes in an Intelligent Enterprise. SAP Analytics Cloud completes the Analytics piece of this Business Technology Platform, and is also an integral part of SAP HANA Cloud Services.


SAP HANA Cloud Services provides Enterprise Capabilities that increase business value, by being a single gateway to all your trusted data and analytics. It includes:


  • SAP Analytics Cloud as the Analytics technology where it provides BI, Planning, and Predictive Analytics in a single solution,

  • SAP Data Warehouse Cloud as the end-to-end data warehouse in the cloud that combines data management processes with advanced analytics with General Availability at the end of this year, and

  • SAP HANA Cloud that  manages your data storage, federation, and runs powerful applications with the power of SAP HANA in the cloud with General Availability at the end of this year


SAP's HANA Cloud Services strategy is to connect all elements of data processing into one seamless experience, and providing the value of data-driven Intelligent Enterprise.  Please check out the SAP Analytics Cloud embedded strategy for SAP SuccessFactors , Spend & SAP C/4HANA.

Please visit Rolf Sieberg's FAQ Blog & Katharina Doeer's Embedded Analytic's Blog for more details.

To learn more about the material benefits that HANA Cloud Services can provide your organization,  visit the SAP HANA Cloud Services web site.  You can also try out both SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Data Warehouse Cloud today for 30-days. To begin the journey of realizing those benefits, please contact your SAP or partner representative.