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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

QRC3 2022 for SAP Analytics Cloud is now live, and we have over 30 new features available for you to enjoy. This quarter our latest features cover 18 Customer requests with over 500 VOTES!! Our biggest delivery of Customer Influence requests in a single quarter to date. In this blog I will take you through all the new features requested and voted for by you, our Customers, via the Customer Influence Portal.

Data Integration

Displaying/hiding compounded objects

Our most requested feature in QRC3 2022 with almost 200 votes is the option in SAP Analytics Cloud to not display the compounded key part of a dimension member when using Live BW connections:

  • New system configuration parameter: enables administrators to specify whether display of partially compounded keys for dimension members should be forced when the compounded parents are fixed

  • Default value of the parameter, OFF: displays the fully compounded keys

  • Change of the parameter value to ON: forces display of the partially compounded keys

Search and filter on connections in the connections page

Another important feature in Data Integration is the ability to search and filter on connections in the connections page:

  • Leverage search support to search connections live

  • Use tool tips in the search input box for guidance on using commas to break input into multiple tokens and using special keywords to filter shared connections or missing credentials

  • Enter search strings without regard for case as neither searches nor results are case sensitive

Enterprise Planning

In QRC3 2022 we have a number of new features in Planning 7 Customer Requests with more than 200 votes.

Data Actions

We have several really useful features within Data Actions:

Data Actions Monitor Panel

Expanded monitoring capabilities for information such as:

  • Step name and type

  • Elapsed time per step

  • Number of records affected per step

  • Execution status per step

  • Parameters used during execution

Ability to Abort Data Actions

Enable support within the data action monitor to abort data actions currently in execution mode:

  • Cancel data actions regardless of status (pending or in-process)

  • Make data and version status revert to the initial state prior to execution of the data action

Data Acquisition Step Type within Multi Actions

Include data import jobs as step within multi-actions:

  • Provide initial support for fact data

  • Execute data import in conjunction with other steps such as data actions, version management, or predictive forecasting

  • Schedule and manage data import in the calendar using multi-action scheduling


Analytics Design

We continue with the new features in Data Actions by extending the Data Action API for analytical applications to include asynchronous (background) execution.


API to set the active dimension members on input controls

Enable application designers to use the setSelectedMembers API to set dimension members on an input control.​ This API does not support input controls that show:​

  • Unbooked members

  • Excluded members

  • Range filters and advanced filters


SAP Analytics Cloud, add-in for Microsoft Office

Support for new cell-based custom formula to overwrite the selection applied in multiple tables

  • Use functions like Excel to enable users to overwrite the selection of members for any dimension positioned in the following of a table:

    • Filter area

    • Row or column axis ( including properties)

  • Apply this formula to multiple tables from the same model in a workbook

Disable planning feature for an SAC add-in report built on a Planning model

Users will have the ability to disable planning capabilities for a specific planning model. In this scenario the option to disable write-back capabilities in Microsoft Excel. This will allow users to reuse the same models for planning and reporting scenarios in Microsoft Excel.

Ability to hide lines or columns in a grid in Microsoft Excel and keep them hidden after refresh

Use excel capability to enable the option to:

  • Hide new lines or columns in a grid in Microsoft Excel

  • Keep them after refreshing a report


Administration & Service Management

Last but at no means least we have several new features for the Administrators out there to make their lives easier. 4 of which came from Customer Requests:

Display of Package Size

The content network comes with 300MB of storage space and it is recommended that customer clean up old transports that is consuming storage. A column has been added in the content network that displays the size of each package. Users can sort this column by package size to identify which packages consume the most storage and delete storage as needed.

Transfer of Content Ownership

Business intelligence administrators can now transfer ownership of resources (folders and files) from one user to another. This provides value when roles change, or a user leaves the organization; assuring continued availability and management of resources. There’s also an option to send email notification of updated ownership, which can be available through the File Repo UI and public APIs.


Uncheck Share Subfolders by Default

SAP Analytics Cloud users now yield more control when sharing folders. The “Share existing subfolders and files” option is now unchecked by default, to ensure users are aware and are intentional about the content being shared.


Customer Influence Portal

Finally, you can get the full list of all requests for SAP Analytics Cloud in the Customer Influence Portal. Here you can have your say by adding your own ideas and requests for new features in SAP Analytics Cloud.

Our customer requests Open for Voting have now over 2700+ requests so get in raise your requests and cast your votes to have your say.

If there is an area that is of particular interest to you for example Data Exploration, you can narrow your search to just these requests using the filter bar.

We want to continue hearing from you so get voting!