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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert


QRC2 2022 has just dropped for SAP Analytics Cloud, and we have over 40 new features available for you to enjoy. This quarter we have a whopping 34 Customer requests with a combined 800 VOTES!! Our biggest delivery of Customer Influence requests in a single quarter to date. Bear with me in this blog were I will take you through ALL the features requested and voted for by you, our Customers, via the Customer Influence Portal.

Dashboard & Story Design

Undo/ Redo

The most single voted for item with almost 200 votes this quarter and s big topic requested frequently from our customers is the ability to undo and redo. This is not just for users consuming a Story but also very important for Story designers. We are delighted to announce with the delivery of 2 big features this quarter Optimized Design Experience & Optimized story viewer – planning & analytics designer support undo/redo is now available in both experiences.

Undo & forward button

For more details of how this new feature works check out this great blog on all the new performance and usability features in Optimized Design and Viewing experiences.

Enterprise Planning

Flexible Time handling

Handling multiple time dimensions in a story can often be tricky so it is not surprising that our next most requested feature, Flexible Time Handling, with 9 different customer asks and 188 votes combined was featured in our Top 5 for Q2 2022

An exciting topic within planning where we enable both System and User Managed Time.

System Managed time enable support for:

  • Weekly pattern support

  • Support for 53rd week​

  • Option to mix weekly patterns with other time granularities

User Managed Time we enable additional support for:

  • Special periods

  • Configurable dates                           

  • Custom attributes

  • and/or additional hierarchies

This new flexible time handling features covers several customer requests:

It has been a busy quarter for the planning team with a number of additional features across Plan Entry, Multi Actions and Advanced Formulas voted for my you:

A particular mention to Fluid Data Entry one of our Top 5 for Q2 2022 this feature optimizes both performance and usability for the end user.

Highlights include:

  • Rapid entry of data into multiple cells without any noticeable delay

  • Process data entry requests automatically including immediate recalculation of table formulas and delayed recalculation of model formulas and other widgets

  • Version history tracks each required recalculation as a single transaction for roll back/roll forward

  • Delayed recalculation occurs after 1 sec pause, but this is configurable within the tenant administration settings

  • Also, when I bring up the Change history you can see that much like Mass Data entry it is batched so I can revert changes since the last update.

Data Integration

Data Export – open API for data export

An important feature coming from multiple customer requests and almost 70 votes is the new Data Export Open API. Although this feature was initially delivered under controlled release in Q1 it is now generally available as of Q2 2022.

We know our planning customers often wish to include their forecasts in other applications such as S/4HANA, BW as well as third party applications.

With the new Open API for data export, planning and forecasting data can now be pulled externally from SAP Analytics Cloud, allowing easier downstream data processing operations on forecasting and planning data. Using an OData service users can browse SAP Analytics Cloud models to pull data from and the initial support includes:

  • Transaction Data

  • Master data of the dimensions in a model

This feature covers several customer requests including:

Some additional Data integration and data wrangling features delivered in Q2 2022 and voted for by you include:

Analytics Catalog

There are also some new features to improve the overall user experience with SAP Analytics Catalog, simplifying the workflow to publish to Analytics Catalog and remembering users filter preferences.

Analytic Applications

Analytic Applications is always a popular topic within the Customer Influence portal and this quarter we bring you some exciting new features including the advanced capabilities when configuring tabstrips.

Administration and Service Management

This release is not just about our end users and designers there are plenty of new features to help our Administrators in SAP Analytics Cloud in Q2 2022. These include:

SAP Analytics Cloud, add-in for Microsoft Office

Last but at no means least we have a much anticipated feature with our add-in for Microsoft office. In this quarter we deliver the ability for customers to use prompts to control currency, default, and non-default variables within in model. Prompts can be used for individual tables or a whole workbook.

Customer Influence Portal

Finally, you can get the full list of all requests for SAP Analytics Cloud in the Customer Influence Portal. Here you can have your say by adding your own ideas and requests for new features in SAP Analytics Cloud.

Our customer requests Open for Voting have now over 2700+ requests so get in raise your requests and cast your votes to have your say.

If there is an area that is of particular interest to you for example Data Exploration, you can narrow your search to just these requests using the filter bar.

We want to continue hearing from you so get voting!