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In part 1 and part 2 we reviewed the option to create a model and a currency conversion table in SAP Analytics Cloud.

.... but what if you are a customer using SAP Analytics Cloud in combination with SAP BW or SAP BW4HANA and you have already done all the modelling for your currency conversions in BW / BW4HANA and all what you would like to do, is to simply re-use it ?


Yes - that's exactly what you should be doing and what SAP Analytics Cloud is offering you as an option.

So lets assume we created a table in SAP Analytics Cloud based on an BEx Query and our table shows the measures Profit and Sales Revenue broken down by Country.

In SAP Analytics Cloud - available in Edit Mode as well as in the View Mode - we can now open the context menu for the table (see image below) and we can use the menu option "Select Conversions".

The "Select Conversions" menu then will show the classic menu to choose your Target Currency and the Conversion Type and you can choose from the options that you already created in BW / BW4HANA.

Important, this does not require any specific setting in the BEx Query nor does it require variables for the Currency Conversion.

After we selected the Target Currency - in this example EUR - and the conversion type, our table is updated and now shows the values converted into EUR.


Not only is the table offering the capability, but also the charts are providing the same functionality - as shown below.


Please be aware that the option to use the Currency Conversion on the fly, is something the user can leverage per visualization (Table, Chart) - it is not something that is triggering the currency conversion based on the BEx Query for all visualizations that are based on that particular BEx query, but instead the currency conversion is only used on a visualization by visualization basis.


Some recommendation:

  • In case you have to guarantee that with a Currency Conversion all visualizations are being updated in a single step, then I would suggest to use BEx Queries with Variables for the Currency Conversion

  • In case you prefer to have the flexibility to choose the currency conversion per visualization, you can use the approach outlined above.

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