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What's new with Content Innovation 9 - Line of Business Packages

In this blog post we will show more details on newly added and enhanced LoB packages with Content Innovation 9 (released August 20, 2018).

Here is an overview of the updates including screenshots. One new LoB was added and 9 packages were enhanced. More screenshots and details can be found on the SAP Analytics Cloud Website, in the Roll-out Slide Deck or in the documentation. Also, find the lastest information on YouTube.

General Enhancements


General Enhancements

In addition to the Roll-out slide deck, we have published a new Content Inventory which helps to identify features used by specific packages and understand the data sources.

The Content Inventory Excel is included in the Roll-out Slide Deck.
Advanced Compliance Reporting

Models and calculations have been reworked and simplified. The pages have been reworked and content has been restructured adding:

  • Overdue Criticality

  • Completion Ratio

  • The page “Completion Ratio Details” has been introduced as a new page, that can be reached as a navigation target from both pages (from the Country / Geographic chart)


Finance – Live based on semantic tags

Financial Performance is built based on SAP S/4HANA On Premise live connectivity. The CDS view which exposes the financial KPIs uses semantic tags for defining the KPIs. With this approach, it is not needed to create the KPIs in SAP Analytics Cloud based on dedicated Chart of Accounts.

This content can be plugged on to a S/4HANA system to display content out of the box.


Financial Consolidation for S/4HANA Cloud

3 new pages were added to the story. These stories are

  • P&L by Function


  • Changes in Equity


  • Comprehensive Income.


Financial Planning & Analysis for S/4HANA Cloud

The package Financial Planning & Analysis for S/4HANA Cloud empowers finance executives to close their books faster and make optimal decisions.

No new story was created. All improvements or enhancement were incorporated in the existing stories.

The new developments for the 1808 release include:

  • Addition of Cash Flow Planning & Analysis

  • Addition of more robust Balance Sheet Planning capabilities

  • Introduction of SAC Advanced Formulas (“script”) in the proposed Planning process

  • Simplified, single-query integration source/process for P&L and Balance Sheet from SAP S/4HANA Cloud into SAP Analytics Cloud

  • Retraction of Plan data from SAC into SAP S/4HANA Cloud via native SAP Analytics Cloud-based retractor




The Marketing package was enhanced in the areas "Campaign Analytics" and "Marketing Planning and Performance".

5 new stories were added to the existing Campaign Analytics and 1 new story was added to "Marketing Planning and Performance"


Campaign Analytics:

Success of Email and SMS Campaigns - Watch the Video

Paid Social, Paid Search and Display Ad Campaigns - Watch the Video

Campaign Statistics - Watch the Video


Marketing Planning and Performance:

Spend for Marketing Plans - Watch the Video

Procurement for S/4HANA Cloud

Off-contract spends and Contract Ratio can now be predicted over time. This is a new page in the already existing story Off-Contract and Spend Visibility.

Real Estate

The existing Real Estate package was enhanced by adding a Digital Boardroom.



Sales Performance(CRM)

The story "Sales Performance Summary Story" was added.

At a glance analyze the revenue trend, opportunity pipeline, deals won and lost and product revenue distribution with out of the box connectivity to a SAP Cloud for Customer (C4C) instance.


Trade Management

A new story "Trade Promotion Details" was created.

Trade Promotion Details: In consumer products industries, the KAM needs an overview of the planned promotion and, following execution of the promotion, a comparison between planned and actual values. The KAM also needs to be able to see the key promotion details quickly in a compact format. Filtering by shelf or list prices, applied merchandizing tactics, or KPIs is also required for reporting purposes. After the promotion has been executed, information on how the promotion performed (planned vs. actual) is also needed.



Leave us a comment below in case you have any questions or suggestions how content could be improved.

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