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This blog illustrates an advanced use case in manufacturing scenarios for a 3D intelligent factory. SAP Analytics Cloud Analytics Designer is powerful in fulfilling such requirement of Real-time Analysis and Real-time monitoring in manufacturing processes. The blog also means to provide you some ideas of Analytics Designer use cases.


We will introduce the original business challenge and scenario, then get to a demo which has solved the problem by leveraging SAP Analytics Cloud Analytics Design. This demo has been achieved and deployed in a real customer case. The partner who has achieve this for customers has published this co-innovated integration in the SAP Store, more information you can find more information here.


Original Business Challenge 

  • The management team is lacking of insights when product lines have errors. It always takes time to identify the error of the product line.

  • The slow response affects the product efficiency and customer satisfaction.



Using SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP HANA integrated with Hadoop and IoT technology, the partner has delivered a solution that helps the customer fully leverage the data in their production line and visualize their data. With the system go-live, the customer can monitor their production line in real time and easily detect any errors during the production.  The cargo ship location are easily detected. All these improve the production efficiency and save the cost.

A 3D project has been embedded in Analytics Designer to display the factory's architectural structure and to show the status of each workshop including detailed production lines. Around the 3D project, other widgets have been grouped together to establish the comprehensive production execution Monitoring Dashboards.


Scenario (Illustrated by Digital Boardroom)

The factory manager would like to analyze and closely monitor the production process and to take actions on time to avoid further delivery problems when errors occur.


(Please check the below description if the video is not friendly to you. )

First screen shows:

  1. Warning messages in 3D project (Red alerting message shows in the problematic processing workshop)

  2. Exceptional values displayed in RFS, Receiving, Andon, BTS, FTT etc.

  3. Real-time monitor in attendance, No.'s of completed order, No.'s of shipments etc.

  Action: Click the problematic processing workshop and drill down, then the second screen has been expanded. 


Second screen shows:

  1. Production line's operating status, OEE, BTS and other efficiency indexes (Red alerting message shows in the problematic production line).

  Action: Drag and drop, zoom, drill down to problematic producing line, then the third screen has been expanded. 


Third screen shows:

  1. Tracking the message of problematic production line, planned, processing and completed work-orders

  2. Find out any order jumped in the queue (The factory manager could analyze whether it is a proper behavior, so it can be rejected)

  3. Idle time tracking (The factory manager could analyze the root-cause, of a machine failure or other breakdown scenarios. Then he/she will decide if a better predictive maintenance project is needed to improve capacity utilization)






This blog focuses on a business challenge encountered in manufacturing processes and tells us how this could be solved by using SAP Analytics Cloud Analytics Designer and Digital Boardroom. 3D project embedded in Analytics Designer could provide a vivid effect to help factory managers quickly locate problems and drill down to detail. Thus a way that SAC Analytics Designer supporting real-time analysis and real-time risk management!