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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
In the first release of Analytic Workspaces, we focused on providing content organisation of critical content in large deployments easing the admin's work of securing content and provided delegated content administration. In past year, we have seen customers adopting workspaces for its ease of use and providing areas for various business units to create and manage their content easily.

With this release, we bring this experience to end users as well for easy operationalization and movement of content. We also incorporated requests coming from our Influence program and comments received from the community.

Here is a low down on everything coming in QRC4 2022 release:

    1. Move/copy content - Previously, only administrators were allowed to move/copy content to/from workspaces. We bring this ability to end users now and they can freely move content as long as they have rights on the object itself and the target location. This will help customers easily move content from public area and start operationalizing workspaces.

    2. Cross-workspace consumption - We now allow end users to create content in workspace using any content they have access to regardless of whether its located in another workspaces or my files area; thus avoiding duplication of content. For e.g. you might have a workspace for Marketing where marketing data is stored and there is a sales workspace where you would like to utilize marketing data to do attribution of marketing channels to sales. Another significant workflow change is we no longer ask user to select their workspace upfront -  they can do so during the 'save' action.

    3. Assign team as Workspace admin - We bring in functionality to assign teams as workspace admins in addition to single user assignment. No more dependency on just one person to manage workspaces!

    4. Displaying team description - UX enhancement to display team description to provide additional information  on teams that have access to the workspaces

    5. Request access to workspace content through Catalog - End users can request access to Workspace content thus bringing discoverability and ease of use of Catalog to all content. Please note that request workflow will take into account whether the user is part of the workspace and then allow admins to approve/reject. Users who are not part of workspace teams won't be automatically added to workspace.


Please watch demo video from my colleague bhawna.arya below.




All in all, we have matured the workspaces concept around broad use cases we see at our customers end with both large and small deployments and we are excited for you to try out these features and give us feedback. For any new features that you would like to see in Workspaces, please create an Influence request - we are listening!

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