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Here’s a bit of virtual applause for our contributors to a great SAP ALM Summit EMEA 2020. In light of health and safety concerns during a global pandemic, the flagship application lifecycle management conference made the adjustment for 100% digital content and offered it free of charge. Customers and partners responded enthusiastically, with 1412 total registered persons. EMEA stands for Europe, Middle East, and Africa, and we saw that for this event, most joined from Germany, with the Netherlands, France, and Switzerland rounding out the top participating countries. This more than triples the 450 attendees registered for the 2019 in-person SAP ALM Summit EMEA in Heidelberg, Germany, when we first introduced SAP Cloud ALM and its early adopter phase. Now SAP Cloud ALM is available for all customers and the 2020 summit agenda reflects the ever-growing interest in SAP Cloud ALM implementation and operations topics.

As a platform, the SAP ALM Summit app was well-organized and as packed with helpful information as I remember my mom’s purse was packed with stuff like chewing gum and pens and anything helpful while out and about. Similarly, the app allowed me to follow the event’s social media and to get background information on the speakers. From the SAP ALM Summit app, I could get to my day’s agenda, and from there to an interactive broadcast platform. I found myself enjoying the polls and quizzes to complete during keynote speeches and drill-down information sessions. I also took advantage of the freedom to rearrange chat windows and presentation slides on my screen.

Session Replays Available

The SAP ALM Summit app is your comprehensive resource to revisit the content. If you registered for the summit, you already have a link and access to the app. I had to make choices about which of the simultaneous sessions I could attend during the conference. Now, I can watch replays and download slides of sessions missed.

In addition, there's always the ALM landing page for ALM planning information, use cases, demos (including the SAP Cloud ALM public demo tenant), and more!

Satisfied, Impressed, and Pleasantly Surprised

Attendees provided positive feedback about the entire experience. The app was useful for the vast majority of participants. I expect it will continue to be useful for those replays I mentioned. SAP Solution Manager reigned as the most-used solution among the community. Based on the polls, ALM Strategy, implementing cloud solutions, and hybrid implementation were the most-popular session topics. The coffee quality during the coffee breaks varied drastically, but hey, that’s to be expected with a virtual conference.

More SAP ALM Summits

If you couldn't attend this cool high-tech conference, if you thought of questions to ask during Meet the Expert sessions, or if you just really love cool conferences, you too have reason to party. This year has two remaining SAP ALM Summit events, which should feature even better coffee! (Note: The previous statement applies if you go out and spend the money for the good stuff; events are virtual, after all.)

  • For Brazil and the Portuguese-speaking community in South America, there’s a boutique event on October 27-28. The sessions will be held in Portuguese. Registration will begin soon.

Thanks to the 56 speakers, 50+ sessions, and all the active participants!

In a virtual environment, it’s always a bring-your-own-beverage policy, if you are so inclined to celebrate. After all the hard work from so many, which can certainly help businesses achieve their intelligent enterprise goals, I say cheers and until next time!