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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
In this series of articles, we will focus on the SAP Cloud ALM Raw Data API.

The SAP Cloud ALM raw data API implements the OpenTelemetry protocol to provide access to the observability signals produced by SAP Cloud ALM.

In the previous post we introduced the OpenTelemetry protocol concepts.

In this blog, we will focus on the metrics API.

Raw Data Metrics

The SAP Cloud ALM metrics API is used to:

  • Ingest new metrics in the different monitoring scenarios of SAP Cloud ALM with the OpenTelemetry

  • Read metrics produced by the different monitoring use-cases with the Open Telemetry format or with the OpenMetrics Prometheus format.

Customer use-cases:

  • Integrate data from an open source, in-house tool, or third-party tool.

  • Leverage event processing and management capabilities of SAP Cloud ALM with new data source.

  • Export SAP Cloud ALM data in the OTel format.


Metric data are sent or retrieved from SAP Cloud ALM via the following dedicated HTTP API endpoint documented in the SAP API HUB.

  • /metrics

    • GET

    • POST


Outbound Metrics

The SAP Cloud ALM raw data outbound metrics API is used to read metrics accessible through the analytics API with the OpenTelemetry Metrics Exporter format in PULL mode:

Endpoints /calm-metrics/v1/metrics
/metrics GET
Type Incoming
API Guide


The outbound metrics API translates the results of the SAP Cloud ALM Analytics API into output compatible with the Open Telemetry Protocol.

The number of data points returned by the API depends on the period and time resolution parameters used during the API calls.

The following metrics data providers are supported:

Data Providers Monitoring Use Cases Documentation
hm Health Monitoring Health Monitoring Analytics API
rum Real User Monitoring Real User Monitoring Requests Type Analytics API


The SAP Cloud ALM raw data outbound metrics returns a payload to the following format:

  • text,

  • protobuf-binary,

  • protobuf-json.


The following parameters are mandatory:

Parameters Description Values
provider The data provider accessed through the metrics api. hm, rum
metrics The list of metrics returned by the metrics api represented as comma separated list of measure;method structure
dimensions The list of dimensions to be returned by the metrics api.



Inbound Metrics

The SAP Cloud ALM raw data inbound metrics API is used to write metrics into SAP Cloud ALM. With this API, a third-party application, an open source, or an in-house tool with access to the public cloud can push their own metrics into SAP Cloud ALM.

The content pushed to SAP Cloud ALM must respect the OpenTelemetry Metrics format together with the SAP Cloud ALM inbound metrics models.

Endpoints /calm-metrics/v1
/metrics POST
Type Incoming
Scope calm-api.metrics.write
API Guide


The API consumes any OTel Metrics with protobuf format (json or binary) as input and translate it into SAP Cloud ALM health monitoring metrics.



The SAP Cloud ALM raw data inbound metrics returns payload with the following format:

  • protobuf-binary,

  • protobuf-json.


The following parameters are mandatory:

Query parameters

Name Description
useCase Use case short name (metric consumer). Possible values: hm
serviceId SAP landscape id of the service which produces the metrics.


Request Headers parameters

Name Description
Content-Type Data format of the request body. Possible values:

  • application/x-protobuf

  • application/json



In the next article, we will see how to use the SAP Cloud ALM raw data metrics API for SAP Cloud ALM Health Monitoring.


Thanks for reading.