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Goal of this blog series

With this series of blogs, we want to keep you informed on the latest news and what is important in the area of SAP ALM APIs and integration for SAP Cloud ALM, SAP Focused Run and SAP Solution Manager.

Previous Blogs:



SAP Cloud ALM Landscape API

The SAP Cloud ALM Landscape API enables you to read the landscape objects of your tenants: It includes cloud services and technical systems.



The Tasks API have been enhanced to support the following properties:

  • Solution Processes

  • Involved parties

  • Effort

Check the SAP Business Accelerator HUB for more information.


SAP Cloud ALM Custom Processes API

The SAP Cloud ALM process authoring API provides new APIs to manage:

  • Solution Process Flow

  • Solution Value Flow Diagram (SVG) 

In addition, the /SolutionProcess APIs has been updated to support an externalId reference. More details are accessible here.

In addition, new examples of custom processes API usage are delivered in the cloud-alm-api-examples repository.


SAP Cloud ALM Analytics API

Tasks  Analytics

The Tasks data provider has been enhanced to support the following characteristics:

  • 5 new dimensions filter are supported:

    • Team

    • Role

    • Type

    • Requirements

    • parentTask

  • 5 new dimensions are supported:

    • Workstream

    • Release

    • Process

    • ActualCompletionDate

    • PlannedCompletionDate

Check the SAP Cloud ALM guide for more information.


SAP Cloud ALM RAW Data Outbound Metrics API

The SAP Cloud ALM Raw Data Outbound Metrics API is used to read metrics accessible through the analytics API with the “OpenTelemetry Metrics protocol (text, protobuf binary, protobuf json).

This API can be used to integrate data from an open source, in-house tool, or third-party tool by exporting SAP Cloud ALM data in the OTel format. (ex Prometheus).

In the current version, only the OTEL gauge format is supported.

The following metrics data providers are supported:

  • Health Monitoring

  • Real User Monitoring

Check the SAP Cloud ALM API guide to get more information on the parameters supported by this API.


External API Management

Web-hook configuration

You can declare external API management subscription based on Landscape Management System LMS end-points.

In the current version, only services defined in the Landscape Management application with the following characteristics are supported:

  • ServiceNow

  • SAP Integration Suite

Check the SAP Cloud ALM guide for more information.


Events to Chat Systems

SAP Cloud ALM can forward events to external chat tools to create messages in chat channels. A new mapping for Microsoft Teams is now available in the External API Management application.

Check the SAP Cloud ALM guide for more information.


Thanks for reading.