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SAP AI Core template generator for VS Code is now generally available. This package makes it easy for developers to get started on SAP AI Core by providing boilerplate code.

This package can be used from VS code using Application Wizard extension.

Once you have application wizard installed on your system we can explore and install the AI Core template generator.

Install aicore generator from list


Once the AI Core template generator installed we can use guided prompts to create AI Core boilerplate project for our development.

  • Press Command + shift + p for mac and Control + shift + p for Windows to open control centre and choose open template wizard.

  • Once the Template generator opens choose AI core and press start.

  • If you have your custom code choose Basic Project or if you wanted to use the pre-generated training and serving code use AI core sample project for this demo we are going to use.

  • enter the project name and version and press enter

  • fill up the details like scenario ID and Resource plan.

  • Similarly fill the details for Serving Plan.

  • Choose the demo sample project as Movie Recommendation and click on next.

  • As a last step add the Docker Details like Docker registry URL and username and click next to create the project.

  • It will create all the required folders in the current directory


Try free or standard options if you are new to AI Core

You can also use VS Code extension and AI Launchpad for further development.

You can view the documentation for SAP AI Core here