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The SAP Discovery Center – a (virtual) place to be. If you want to learn how to adopt the SAP Business Technology Platform and turn data into business value – this is the place!

In case you came here from my last blogpost about the SAP Tutorial Navigator and you’re unsure about the difference between the Discovery Center and the Tutorial Navigator, let’s get this out of the way first:

SAP Tutorial Navigator vs. SAP Discovery Center

First, the similarities: both, the Tutorial and the Discovery Center offer a self-learning environment for your enablement in SAP solutions for the intelligent enterprise. You can find SAP AI Business Services on both platforms.

The Tutorial Navigator offers three things: single tutorials, groups of tutorials outlining how to build a simple application or feature, and gamified activities combining sets of tutorials or tutorial groups to provide the basics for learning a skill, called missions.

The Discovery Center offers a broader cosmos of learning opportunities, use cases, expert support and customer references that quickly enable you to adopt the knowledge to launch and drive you own projects!

More about the Discovery Center

In the Discovery Center, you can choose between Mission Catalog and Service Catalog.

Mission Catalog

In the Mission Catalog you can find Missions that add business and functional value to your journey with SAP. This includes best practices and step-by-step guidance for the implementation of business use cases. When selecting the mission for a specific service, you’ll find an overview of the use case, a project board with more details, links to additional resources and links to related missions (if applicable).

For SAP AI Business Services, you can access the support section to get in touch with the product experts of our services.

In summary: Missions are all about your project, guiding you and your project team throughout the adoption phases of the SAP Business Technology Platform with free support from mission experts and a well-established support from the community!

For SAP AI Business Services, the following missions are available:

Service Ticket Intelligence: Automate Ticket Handling with Service Ticket Intelligence

Data Attribute Recommendation: Enrich your master and transactional data with AI-based data attribute recommendations
Document Information Extraction: Automate data extraction from business documents with AI and Intelligent RPA

Service Catalog

The Service Catalog offers an overview of all available services on the SAP Business Technology Platform. You can also try out the services that have mission for free. I mentioned the ones for SAP AI Business Services above.

For SAP AI Business Services, the following services are accessible via the Discovery Center:

Business Entity Recognition:

Data Attribute Recommendation:

Document Classification:

Document Information Extraction:

Invoice Object Recommendation:

Service Ticket Intelligence:

The Service Catalog includes a product detail page for each of the services, which is comprised of three sections:

Features is the overview page containing lots of additional information and resources such as links to the help portal product page, customer refences, links to related learning opportunities.

Service Plan offers information on pricing and on how to order the services via the CPEA or in the SAP Store.

Related Missions will lead you to the free missions that I linked above in the section about the mission catalog.

As I said, there’s a lot to discover in the discovery center – pun intended! So, head on over and discover the cosmos of SAP AI Business Services today!


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