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This blog post is part of the SAP AI Business Services introductory–, and product portfolio series (see further published parts of the series listed below under "What's next"). 

Regardless of the industry, automation of business processes has become critical to business strategy and success. According to Forrester the total benefits from business automation total around $32 million, benefitting companies in various ways such as increased employee efficiency, process efficiency, employee productivity, and overall reduction of processing times. Consequently, Forrester`s 2019 Business Technographics survey shows that 62% of global business and technology leaders are already implementing or expanding their implementation of machine learning today. Another 24% plan to implement it within the next 12 months. Artificial intelligence (AI) seems destined to profoundly impact all aspects of business. Its promise: more time for value-adding tasks and less human error due to the elimination of mundane tasks. 


SAP is an active player in the field of Machine Learning powered AI technologies, offering a full set of solutions engineered to help businesses create more agile and adaptive processes and allow for better decision making based on AI, automation, and insightful analytics.  

SAP`s AI offering is a combination of intelligent technologies, services, and industry expertise that can help companies optimise processes and resources and ignite innovation in any area of the business. They are delivering enterprise software systems that can learn how to automate business processes at unprecedented levels, react to real-time changes, and provide the best possible results for today’s digital businesses.   

SAP AI Business Services – High-quality Machine Learning Software with High Reuse Potential 


Part of this SAP “intelligent” service offering is a multitude of machine learning and artificial intelligence-based services and applications united under the brand SAP AI Business Services. 

By providing strategic services and applications that automate & optimise corporate processes and enrich customer experience across the intelligent suite, SAP AI Business Services ensure that artificial intelligence can be easily consumed across the entire business. Compared to fully fledged business applications SAP AI Business Services are reusable services and from a more generic nature. They solve a problem that can be found in multiple business processes and are not specific to only one application - think about the processing of documents for instance.  

Through the automation of manual and repetitive tasks based on the learnings made from historical business data, SAP AI Business Services can help creating better customer service, optimising business operations, improving employee job satisfaction and reimagining existing business processes. By this AI Business Services allow employees to focus on strategic and more value-creating tasksultimately improving the customers’ business journey and enabling competitive differentiation.  

Functioning as an enabler to the SAP ecosystem we provide strategic AI-based business services and applications to easily infuse intelligence into SAP solutions, while leveraging customer data assets as part of the SAP Business Technology Platform. SAP AI Business Services provide business applications on top of and integrated with other intelligent SAP offerings such as Conversational AI, Intelligent RPA and Data Intelligence in form of open and flexible building blocks.  



Consume the AI Business Services Portfolio over CPEA 


SAP AI Business Services are supporting our customers all the way on their path to become an intelligent enterprise by providing services that help increase revenue, reimagine processes, create more quality time at work for employees, significantly increase customer satisfaction, and enabling innovations 

But how can these services and applications finally be consumed?  

The AI Business Services are available as reusable services for SAP Cloud Platform customers under the Cloud Platform Enterprise AgreementOur services are moreover enterprise-ready and can be combined with each other as well as with other intelligent technologies. 

SAP-internally, the SAP AI Business Services can be consumed by stakeholders providing an out-of-the-box integration like SAP Cash Application, already integrated in SAP S/4HANA Cloud and on-premise editions, SAP C/4HANA et cetera. Customers and SAP partners can use the SAP AI Business Services for their own scenarios and easily integrate them into the existing landscape with SAP Cloud Platform services like SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation, SAP Cloud Platform Integration or own SAP Cloud Platform applications.  

How do I get Started with SAP AI Business Services? 


Within the SAP AI Business Services portfolio customers get ready-to-use machine learning algorithms that have been optimised for a business context in order to help them kick-start their intelligent business journey. 


SAP AI Business Services enable you to use machine learning services without any Data Science know-how - by delivering generic machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities which can be applied to several business processes “out-of-the-box” using simple REST-APIs. Thanks to the modular and API-based architecture they can easily be integrated across various processes and solutions.  The model is furthermore optimised for a specific use case and the pipelines are optimised for business outcome. Stable API`s are available for training and inference, while deployment, monitoring, ongoing operations and support is provided by SAP.  

Convince yourself and start a free trial of our services on SAP Cloud Platform now! 

Apart from the SAP AI Business Services portfolio displayed above, we also offer a multitude of embedded and standalone business applications. These applications provide generic machine learning capabilities which are either already embedded in specific platforms such as S/4HANA, SuccessFactors or C/4Commerce, or can be acquired independently to other platformsIn total 240 SAP AI innovations are available today, with 60 new innovations planned in 2020.   


How Artificial Intelligence Empowers Customers Across Industries 


Our Artificial Intelligence powered business services and applications have also already proven successful with customers across various industries and LoB´s. Prior to using AI Business services, customers and partners alike spent plentiful time working on time consuming and tedious short-term tasks, leaving them insufficiently able to focus on value-adding, strategic tasks and innovation. With the help of AI Business Services our customers were able to improve efficiency, empower employees, save value-adding time, and improve data quality and thus analytics.  

In specific, SAP`s AI Business Services enrich the customer experience and provide immediate business value through the following services:  

Document Classification 

Many companies today still struggle with low process efficiency across their organisation due to extensive paper and document-based communication. SAP Document Classification enables companies, that manage large numbers of business documents, to automatically and easily classify documents based on customer-specific classification schemas. 

Document Information Extraction  


Not only Document Classification represents an issue for communication heavy businesses, but also the further processing of information contained in documents. The SAP Document Information Extraction service can be used to process various documents that have content in headers and tables and extract information. With Document Information Extraction businesses can finally process more documents efficiently with less errors and difficulties.  

Service Ticket Intelligence 

Service Ticket Intelligence helps businesses in building a self-driven customer service by supporting the customer service team in handling large volumes of service interactions. By using historical service interaction data that already exists in the CRM application, incoming customer service tickets are automatically classified into their categories and routed to the right agent. The agent is then provided with recommended solutions to improve operational efficiency. 

Data Attribute Recommendation 

Data Attribute Recommendation is targeted at organisations and business units struggling with the consistency and accuracy of their master data Through the usage of machine learning capabilities data records can be easily matched and classified, making more efficient and higher-quality master data management a reality, while speeding up the data creation or cleaning process. 

Invoice Object Recommendation 

Invoice Object Recommendation supports the accounts payable department in their decision making through the prediction of correct account assignments. By proposing a solution based on historical data, the solution enhances financial reporting by minimising roadblocks due to discrepancies in accounts /budgets, as well as reduces repetitive and redundant tasks, thus the need of searching for G/L accounts & correcting wrongly assigned accounts 

Business Entity Recognition  

Business Entity Recognition is a powerful machine learning technology to detect and highlight any given type of named entity in unstructured text into pre-defined categories. By doing so the service helps to increase overall document processing productivity, increase efficiency, and reduce errors through the ability to detect named entities in text entities.  

Whats next?  


No matter whether in Finance, Marketing, or Procurement it’s undeniable that with the help of AI, organisations can overcome operational expenses, increase efficiency, generate more sales and immensely improve customer services. To better understand the benefits associated with the usage of SAP AI-based technologies have a look at the Forrester Total Economic Impact study.  

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