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Latest Update: Added the related blog posts SAP Activate – Understanding the UX Adoption workshops and SAP Activate – UX Adoption – Why Select UX before Fit-to-standard.

This blog post is currently applicable to the roadmap SAP Activate for RISE with SAP S/4HANA Cloud, private edition. Similar features may be extended to other roadmaps in future. It is worth noting that the process described below is also suitable for SAP S/4HANA on-premise. 

You like the concept of UX Value Goals to select apps and features that support your business outcomes - as explained in
SAP Activate – Introducing UX Value Goals for your UX adoption roadmap - but before you embark on this approach you want to understand a very important part of this approach:

How do you find apps that support your UX Value Goals?

You need to know:

  • What resources can you use to help you?

  • What are the prerequisites?

  • What procedure do you follow for selecting apps and features by UX Value Goals?

Resources for App Selection by UX Value Goal

The good news is you can now find a set of UX Value Goal App Selection Guides in the SAP Activate Roadmap Viewer in roadmap SAP Activate Methodology for RISE with SAP S/4HANA Cloud, private edition to assist you, and a brief introduction to the prerequisites and procedures below.

Example title page of the UX Value Goal App Selection guide for Be more INSIGHTFUL

Prerequisites for App Selection

  • You are implementing or already on SAP S/4HANA

  • You have selected your initial target business roles and the UX Value Goals you will focus on

  • For each Role/UX Value Goal combination you have prioritized which tasks/use cases will gain most from these UX Values.

  • You may even have identified some early inclusion/exclusion criteria for your fit-to-standard assessment.

Hint: You can make these decisions by running Establish the Business Value of UX workshop as explained in blog post SAP Activate – Introducing UX Value Goals for your UX adoption roadmap.

It's also helpful - although not essential - to know the list of SAP BTP services you have already subscribed, or those services you are considering subscription. This can make some decisions easier when you are considering your overall UX Adoption Roadmap, for example about what you can take advantage of now versus later.

Procedure for App Selection

What to consider before you start:

As you work through the guides, you will need to capture the list of apps and features and which UX Value Goals they support. You can use a simple spreadsheet template to capture SAP Business Role id/name, App ID/name or feature name, which UX Value Goal this supports, and any comments to help you discuss your selection with your team.

You will need to have reviewed the approach to role and app selection in the task Run the Scope and Envision the Future Workshops.

In the Scope the Future workshop you enable your business by working through role mapping and app selection.  You get them ready for the explore/fit/refine process that continues in your fit-to-standard workshops.

In the Envision the  Future workshop you will do a playback review of the apps/features selected.  You make any adjustments needed to the app list, UX Adoption Roadmap and/or your UX Strategy.  You plan next steps. For example, by assigning role owners who can be the responsible person for fit, content and layout decisions.

These 2 workshops act as a set of workshops that you can run once for all your roles, or if you have a large number of roles you  can run them for bundles of roles, e.g. for roles in the same  business area.

Step 1: Map your custom job-based business roles to the closest fit SAP Business Role

You can map your custom business roles to SAP Business Roles as part of your preparation for the UX Adoption Scope and Envision the Future workshops.

You map your custom business roles as part of your preparation for the workshops.  In the first step of the Scope the Future workshop you will confirm your mapping with your customer.

Step 2: Download the accelerator App Selection by UX Value Goals

Expand the zip file and open the accelerator for your selected UX Value Goal.

You will find each guide contains:

  • Before you start

  • Prerequisites (optional)

  • Standard Use Cases

  • Custom Use Cases

Example table of contents of the UX Value Goal App Selection guide for Be more INSIGHTFUL

Step 3: Read the sections Before you Start and Prerequisites

Here you will find considerations you should discuss with your team before selecting apps, and any prerequisite apps or services needed for standard use cases.

For example, in the App Selection Guide for Be more INSIGHTFUL in Prerequisites you will find the apps you need to adjust thresholds on any embedded analytics you select.

Step 4: Review the section Standard Use Cases

This is where you will find any use cases you can take deploy right away.  Follow the advice on how to find apps and features available out-of-the-box as part of your RISE with SAP S/4HANA solution.

For example, in the App Selection Guide for Be more MOBILE you will learn what to look for in the SAP Fiori apps reference library to check whether an app is delivered optimized for use on tablet or phone.

Step 5: Still need more? Review the section Custom Use Cases

If you still have some scenarios not covered by standard use cases, you can find some advice on options for creating your own custom apps and features.  This can include:

  • Configuration you can use to create your own content

  • Tools you can use to create your own content

  • SAP BTP use cases for creating your own content,

The advice includes noting relevant SAP BTP use case examples.  The advice also identifies relevant SAP BTP services that may require use of your RISE credits or additional subscription.

What next after app selection

Before you jump into fit-to-standard, it's a good idea to review the list of selected apps with your team. Depending on what you have found you may want to adjust your list or your UX Adoption Roadmap.  For  example, you may have come across an unexpected opportunity  or you may realize you need to discuss inclusion/exclusion criteria in more detail prior to fit-to-standard workshops.

You can use the UX Adoption: Envision the Future Workshop to discuss the apps selected with your team and plan for your fit-to-standard workshops.

Once you have agreed on your target selection of apps, you will need to explore them alongside your business processes that you discuss in your fit-to-standard workshops.

To prepare for exploring the apps, you will need to activate your apps and features in your sandbox. Follow the advice in the task Activate SAP Fiori in the Initial System to turn on the SAP Business Roles in your sandbox  system.

Explore the apps and features, e.g. using the closest fit SAP Business Roles. You can quickly generate test users for each SAP Business Role using Fiori Rapid Activation.

You can find a guide for exploring apps in the accelerator Quick Guide to Evaluating SAP Fiori apps

During fit-to-standard you will review the apps and confirm they fit your business needs.  You will need to decide if you can use them as-is, or if you need to enhance the apps.  You can use the accelerator Enhancement using in-app extension feature map to identify quick and easy in-app extension options.

It's common for your projects to make some changes in scope and priorities which influence the apps and features you choose to deploy.  Make sure any changes are reflected appropriately in:

  • the list  of apps you will deploy

  • the custom business roles you plan to refine from SAP Business Roles (or create) during the  Realize phase

  • your UX strategy - which is a living  document

  • your UX Adoption Roadmap

Remember that this app selection is likely to be the first of several waves of UX  Adoption as you grow your UX. So  make sure you consider how you will:

  • capture lessons learned

  • monitor usage

  • capture baseline and target metrics to  prove business benefits have been achieved

  • ensure each business role has an owner for any decisions on fit, launchpad content and layout suitable for the role.

The UX Adoption: Envision the Future Workshop will lead you through this process.

Most importantly set a touchpoint after your  go-live to review what has been done so far, and trigger the next wave of UX Adoption.  You can use the workshop UX Adoption: Review realized UX Business Benefits to review your UX Adoption so far and trigger the next wave of adoption.

You can find a summary of all the UX adoption workshops - their purpose, when, what and why - in SAP Activate – Understanding the UX Adoption workshops.

To get an overview of what happens next after app selection read blog post  SAP Activate – UX Adoption – Why Select UX before Fit-to-standard you will find a summary of how selecting UX works like a funnel – you need to properly consider all the UX available to you to make effective change and avoid missed opportunities.

What else would you like to understand about the UX Value Goal approach? Let us know in the comments!

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