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SAP has launched several SAP 2013 App Challenges for our partners. Get an overview of all challenges here.

This post highlights the SAP 2013 Industry Mobile Apps Challenge for Partners:

To support our partners in identifying the hottest areas for which to develop apps for these Challenges, below some guidance on white spaces as identified by SAP. If you as a partner would like to join the Retail Challenge, these ideas may inspire you to find the hottest areas.


Retail – general proposals

  • Planogram – this app proposal would provide store employees with the exact location of products, inventory, and shelf layout.
  • Label Management - This solution would ideally support label design, requesting labels, processing label requests, printing labels on the shelf, and updating POS with the new price.
  • Task Management - This solution would facilitate task delegation, monitoring, and workflow. Ideally, this solution would be integrated in MIM e.g. to inform a department about a receiving and to request to move the product to the shelf or customer pickup area.
  • Training Module - For ramping up new store associates on company procedures and training modules on new merchandise and promotions, provide mobilized self-driving training modules for education and certification.
  • Mobile POS - In context to customer order management, this solution would be used to fulfill the payment on the shelf. This might depend on what POS solution the retailer is using.
  • RFID - MIM Integration with RFID e.g. for receiving. The store employee drives a pallet trough the RFID reader gate, this triggers reading the barcode, starting receiving app of MIM in the back, and posting receiving. A mobile device with a monitoring app is used for monitoring, error handling, and confirmation. 
  • In-Store Kiosk - This would bring content from ERP/MIM/CRM/HR to the kiosk/iPad for store employee or for customer self-service.

Retail - Consumer facing apps

  • Integrated Mobile Loyalty with Mobile Payment
  • Mobile Shopping in stores and category
  • Mobile Shopping out for stores any category.
  • Mobile Ordering for consumers for Fast Food stores.
  • Digital Receipts for Retailers on mobile
  • Shared Mobile Shopping List in between family members
  • NFC Payment enablement for SAP Payment Solution.
  • Mobile Check in locations and Self-Scanning and Self check
    out on Mobile for Consumers


More Mobile App ideas for Retail can also be found in the SAP Idea Management Solution “Idea Place Suggest Mobile Apps” here.

Want to learn more about these use cases and what your app could look like? Contact Panagiotis Papadopoulos (Consumer Facing apps) or Sam Ghasemi (general proposals) of Industry Business Solutions “Retail”.


Wholesale Distribution

Here are some white-spaces in the wholesale industry that could be filled by partners.

  • Customer side: Value-adding apps for customers of wholesale distribution companies. Just as an example – a liquor distributor can offer his
    customer – a bar  -  an app to help them create new cocktails, based on the liquors this distributor is selling. Naturally, The app will also allow the bar to order supplies from that distributor. 
  • Sales apps: App for showing available products to potential retailers\buyers in trade-shows.
  • Delivery driver:
    • Proof of delivery
    • Payment processing
    • Managing returned merchandise, based on Advanced Returns Management 
  • Warehouse:
    • Receiving inventory from suppliers
    • Managing returned merchandise, based on Advanced Returns


For Wholesale, there are different apps that are in the market place already or are in development for creating orders from mobile devices. Partners
can still differentiate based on UI, unique features and sub-segment specialization (healthcare/industrial/high-tech, food & beverage). SAP itself is working on a sales app based on ERP - so this is not really a white space, but there is still space place for other solutions, e.g. apps that are more specialized to a specific sub-segment. Partners should discuss Wholesale-related ideas directly with  Ziv Baum of Industry Business Solutions “Wholesale Distribution”.


More Wholesale Distribution-related ideas can also be found in “Idea Place Suggest Mobile Apps” here.


Transport and Logistics

For this industry, the following ideas for apps have been identified.


  • Fleet Availability
  • Driver management
  • Order Execution: Tours, stops, changes, creation etc.
  • Tracking and Tracing
    • Transportation orders
    • Assets such as containers, vehicles and trailers
    • Visualization and creation of additional orders
  • Real time route determination (based on live traffic situation)
  • Customer service and interaction
  • Legal compliance (security) such as documentation (WB, MWB etc)
    • Workflow Customers
    • Employees
  • Incident management (reporting of all kind of damages assets and goods, accidents etc)

Transportation - Assets

  • Rolling stock and component refurbishment
  • Maintenance and Inspection
  • Additional services (cleaning of assets, fumigation of containers, additional checks etc.)
  • Ground services at the airport, seaport or rail/metro station

Transportation - Passenger Experience (B2C)

  • Rail
  • Airlines (Additional services beyond ticketing)
  • Hospitability (Hotel, entertainment etc.)  

More transport-related ideas can also be found the SAP Idea Management Solution “Idea Place Suggest Mobile Apps” here. Logistics ideas can be found in the same location here. Want to learn more about use cases for Transport and Logistics and what your app could look like? Contact Roland Mueller of Industry Business Solutions “Transport and Logistics”.

Learn about the SAP 2013 Industry Mobile Apps Challenge for Partners terms and conditions in this presentation (which will be updated over time).