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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
With more than 400 sessions and 4,800 attendees, SAP Sapphire 2022 in Orlando was a successful comeback to our onsite event life. Among many partners and customers, we were very excited to have Martin Stenzig (CTO, Rizing LCC) on stage to discuss the efficiency gains and use cases of the SAP Cloud Application Programming Model. With reCAP 2022, our teams are already working on the next event. Before I introduce you to reCAP, let me show you 4 key learnings of our SAP Sapphire session with Rizing.

1. The SAP Cloud Application Programming Model simplifies the lives of all developer personas.

As a developer, you are faced with a wide range of services and tech choices on our SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP). To deliver software with speed and innovate at scale, both citizen and professional developers want to focus on the business logic and shouldn’t care too much about technical artefacts and setups. The SAP Cloud Application Programming Model provides a framework of best practices and out-of-the-box solutions for building enterprise-grade services and applications. It provides all developer personas a golden path of development and makes it easier and more efficient to build and extend apps.

If you have already created an application in SAP Business Application Studio, you should be familiar with the programming model. May it be the pro-code or the low-code perspective, the SAP Cloud Application Programming Model sets the foundation of any application developed in SAP Business Application Studio by giving a framework to create data models, sample data and services. That is why the programming model is considered one of the key opinionated technologies in SAP’s Low-Code/No-Code offering.

2. The SAP Cloud Application Programming Model helps businesses to contain their IT costs by accelerating application development

The SAP Cloud Application Programming Model not only simplifies the life of developers by accelerating application development. In a world of rapidly changing cloud technologies, faster application development helps companies contain their IT costs and safeguard development investments. That’s what martin.stenzig3 – Chief Technology Officer of Rizing LCC – was emphasizing in his session in Orlando on May 11th. He was showcasing two of the many applications Rizing built based on the framework.

Rizing is a well-known SAP partner providing services and applications to realize intelligent, sustainable enterprises in areas where Human Capital Management, Enterprise Asset Management including Geospatial Services and Consumer Industries are managed with SAP. Martin was impressed by one of our sessions at TechEd 2019 and since then leverages the efficiency gains of our programming model within many IT projects, not only for customers but also for their own use at Rizing LLC.

“The use of the SAP Cloud Application Programming Model in connection with other components of the Business Technology Platform allows us to focus on the core business logic and significantly reduce the overall implementation effort in project and product developments.” Martin Stenzig, CTO, Rizing LLC

Martin Stenzig (CTO, Rizing LCC) presenting at Sapphire 2022 in Orlando

3. Key motivations of using the SAP Cloud Application Programming Model go beyond faster time to market.

Using the SAP Cloud Application Programming Model, Rizing experiences accelerated development timelines of about 60-70% compared to usual SAP development projects. But that’s not the only reason why they use the framework as the foundation for all BTP based applications. Let me sum up Rizing’s key motivations:

Low time to benefit:

  • Faster time-to-market: Deployment of BTP based applications allows a faster deployment cycle than a classic ABAP program

  • Accelerated development timelines: 60-70% of usual SAP development projects

  • Support DevOps

Extensible, stable, and sustainable:

  • The framework is the proven core in SAP & partner apps

  • Issues can be identified easily and thanks to the great SAP support for this component, even framework issues are remediated at faster than usual speeds

  • Compared to other frameworks, building extensions beyond the standard is refreshingly easy

Adaptable and usable in single and multi-tenant scenarios:

  • Low learning curve: The programming model is easily learned by new and non-SAP developers. ​

  • Applications can be deployed in customer-specific single tenant or in SaaS, multi-tenant scenarios

“You’re getting from ideating to actually utilizing in a very few steps, that is impressive! Using the SAP Cloud Application Programming Model, we experienced accelerated development timelines about 60-70% compared to usual SAP development projects”.
Martin Stenzig, CTO, Rizing LLC

4. The SAP Cloud Application Programming Model allows the development of a variety of complex scenarios in a short time – even within 2 weeks

How is Rizing making their own customers more efficient? A concrete use case Martin was presenting on stage was about Field Service Technician Monitoring:

Field Service Technicians in utilities are working in dangerous conditions. Their locations need to be monitored not only for improving work efficiency and job scheduling but also for safety reasons. To make that happen, Rizing provided a solution comprising 3 components within only 2 weeks:

  • Browser app for supervisors

  • Native iPhone App used by technicians onsite

  • Integration with S/4HANA to store data in ERP System

First, a browser-based application was built in SAP Business Application Studio. This application allows dispatchers and supervisors to monitor technicians' work in real-time to make their work more efficient and safer. As usual, a dataset created in CDS Graphical Modeler is exposed as an OData service. A dataset about the technician can include information such as current location, work schedule and home address. As a UI, Rizing used SAP Fiori Elements on top of the application. SAP Fiori elements provide pre-defined UI patterns for browser-based application use cases based on SAPUI5 programming framework.

Browser-based application

On the other end, the field service technicians should be able to communicate with their supervisors. For that, Rizing built a separate mobile application with the SAP Cloud Application Programming Model. In case the smartphone gets an unusual modification of its accelerometer because of a fall or an accident of a technician on site, the supervisor gets automatically notified. At that moment the technician has 10 seconds to confirm that he or she is ok. If not, the emergency service is automatically notified. Any accident or any notification is being stored in the ERP system through tight integration with S/4HANA.

Mobile application based on SAP Mobile Services enables technicians to communicate with supervisors

Both applications are tightly integrated with S/4HANA

If you want to learn about further use cases, I can recommend Martin’s Blog Post on Rizing’s use of the SAP Cloud Application Programming Model in the SAP Community.

Next stop: reCAP 2022 June 1-2

If you didn’t make it to Orlando and want to see how Rizing uses the SAP Cloud Application Programming Model in real-life, I highly recommend you tune in for reCAP 2022 where Martin will present a similar use case. Also, you will see my colleagues tim.back and yuval.anafi showing how to create applications in the low-code perspective of the SAP Business Application Studio leveraging the SAP Cloud Application Programming Model.

reCAP is a community-driven, global broadcasting event connecting the developer community of the SAP Cloud Application Programming Model with our development teams. At reCAP 2022, you will see:

  • …how SAP customers and partners like Rizing use the programming model to realize their application development use cases

  • …how SAP application development teams use the framework to create Cloud apps and services on SAP BTP

  • …many hands-on coding sessions – that’s the core of reCAP

  • …latest updates by our development team

You can see the full reCAP 2022 agenda here.

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