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It is a very simple but tricky to find out the reason.


Let's assume you have an account dimension and it has a member that has a dimension formula  (member A * member B).

The account type of Member A and Member B is 'NFIN' (Non Financial).

When account members are defined as 'NFIN', it should be defined as 'NONE' in the 'Units & Currency' Property.


If you forget to do, then you will see $^2 which is $ times $ in front of your result number.

For example, if the result number is 160 (8 X 20),  then it will show as $^2160 because you didn't define it as 'NONE'. then you will be confused easily why it shows 2160 instead of 160.


Please don't forget to set the value as 'NONE' in the 'Units & Currency' if the account type is NFIN. 🙂