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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
In this blog post series, we will follow the journey of a company named "SA Repair" as a use case example for an End-to-End transformation cycle. Our aim is to demonstrate how to achieve quick time to insight and adaptation by combining SAP Signavio and BTP tools such as SAP Signavio Process Intelligence, SAP Build Process Automation, SAP Build Apps, and SAP Graph.

First of All, why transformation

Our world is constantly changing. Over the past few years, we have experienced some of the most rapid and challenging changes in decades, impacting both industry and our personal lives. Some of these changes include:

  • Companies placing sustainability at the top of their priorities due to increased awareness of preserving our planet and future generations.

  • The global pandemic causing shifts in our daily habits, leading companies to adapt to ensure the safety of employees and customers.

  • Political tensions, energy crises, and other factors causing changes in logistics and supply chain processes.

Overall, recent events have necessitated new ways of living and doing business. In addition to these changes, technological disruption and digitalization have put industries at the forefront of transformation, forcing them to adapt quickly to meet changing expectations, remain competitive, and succeed in the long run.

However, organizations face various challenges during the transformation process, such as lack of confidence in decision making, organizational buy-in, expertise, and people focus. SAP offers a range of solutions and technology services to help SAP partners improve their customers' business processes and overcome the challenges of process transformation.


Business Processes Transformation cycle

What’s the use case:

SA Repair is a leading provider of high-quality repair and maintenance services for industrial machines, experiencing high growth as reducing the need to buy new equipment and helping customers become sustainable while reducing costs. As an intelligent and growing enterprise, SA Repair wants to continuously improve and optimize their internal processes.

The first step of our journey will be to analyze SA Repair's as-is purchasing process, followed by implementing potential improvements using Low-Code-No-Code SAP tools based on the process mining investigation results.

Through this journey, we will demonstrate how SAP Signavio Process Intelligence, SAP Build Process Automation, SAP Build Apps, and SAP Graph can help achieve fast time to insight and fast time to adapt.

Reduced time to value with Low-Code/No-Code Suite


SA Repair Purchasing Process:

The purchasing process for SA Repair starts when an employee requires tools or materials for their work. To order the tools and/or materials, the employee must manually send a request to the Procurement team via phone call, email, or any other communication tool.

The Procurement team then checks the employee's current position by connecting to Success Factors, verifies the availability of the requested items in the catalog, and creates a Purchase Requisition in SAP S/4 HANA Cloud since not every employee has access to it.

The approval process in S/4 HANA Cloud mandates that both the employee's manager and the purchasing manager approve each Purchase Requisition and the corresponding Purchase Order, respectively.

Once the employee receives the ordered tools, they notify the procurement team, who then creates the Goods Receipt and Invoice in S/4 HANA Cloud.

SA Repair As-Is Purchasing Process


Now that we've introduced the use case, in the next blog post we will proceed to analyze the process flow using SAP Signavio PI.


This blog is part of a series going over the “SA Repair” use case. I worked on this project with my colleagues edward.neveux, mariatrinidad.martinezgea, kristian.papai, qsmith

Please review them all to have a clear full picture:

For more details on the different topics covered by this use case as well as full demos and step by step exercises on each feature implemented you can check a set of sessions we delivered as part of our Hands-on bootcamp: Transform Business Processes Using SAP Signavio and SAP Build.