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Update November 19, 2018

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Recently, we have published a number of new tutorial videos to the SAP HANA Express playlist on our SAP HANA Academy YouTube Channel.

As you can see on the videos, you can run SAP HANA, express edition in a virtual machine, or download the software and do a DIY installation. You can get the software and the VM from the SAP HANA, express edition website.

However, you can also get straight to work developing amazing applications for the SAP HANA platform using SAP HANA, express edition as a solution in the cloud, deployed using the SAP Cloud Appliance Library [].

Depending on how you setup your CAL account, you can have the express edition hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure, and use either a 4-core 30.5 GB instance, or a 2-core 15 GB instance.

CAL is using the Fiori user experience, so you can easily access the web site on your phone to manage the instance, for example, to activate or suspend, make a backup or terminate.

For the 4-core 30.5 GB instances, AWS charges me USD 0.45 per hour when active. Try to get a coffee at Starbucks for that!

[disclaimer: depending on your account with AWS, your charges may vary]

For storage and the optional fixed IP address - same IP address each time the instance starts, which allows me to add a hostname alias to my local hosts file for easy access - a small monthly fee is added to that. Pretty good deal, all-in-all for run SAP HANA express edition.

So how can you access SAP HANA, express edition in CAL?

Simple, the same way you would access HANA when running in the data center of your company, or when running the express edition VM on a PC:

  • your favorite browser

  • SAP HANA studio or any other SAP plug-in for Eclipse that connects to SAP HANA

  • terminal for command line

So, how do start an instance in CAL and how do you connect? It is simple.
1. Watch the video

2. Configure SAP HANA XS Advanced edition (XSA) for external access.

3. Get Started
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