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Smaller IT organizations are constantly on the look-out for ways to better manage their IT landscape with less resources – all while ensuring they are seen as an asset and partner to their business users.  It’s a tough job.  Typically resource constrained, their staff are often forced to wear multiple hats throughout the day and, despite making due with limited budgets, they are asked to deliver the same quality as IT teams in large companies with unlimited budget.  It’s about doing more, with less.

US-based Mitsubishi Electric Automation, a subsidiary of global conglomerate Mitsubishi Electric Corp., provides assembly-line automation equipment for American manufacturers.  With a lean workforce totaling just 300 employees, their small IT department needed to find ways to increase efficiencies and free up the team’s time to focus on innovation and providing value to their end users. 

When they experienced difficulties automating the monitoring systems that generated alerts about problems in the company’s IT landscape, Mitsubishi Electric Automations’ IT team turned to SAP Enterprise Support.  The company had been using SAP Solution Manager, enterprise edition, a tool only available through SAP Enterprise Support, but only in a limited capacity.  SAP Solution Manager, enterprise edition addresses the customers’ entire IT environment, providing the processes, tools and services needed to help manage SAP and non-SAP solutions.  Mitsubishi Electric Automation’s IT team was unaware the tool could do so much more.  Once they saw the additional benefits they could get from the tool, they were quick to take advantage of courses provided by the SAP Enterprise Support Academy.  These courses, which are provided at no additional charge, helped them gain the skills and knowledge needed to take full advantage of the SAP Solution Manager’s automated monitoring and alerting capabilities. 

Mitsubishi’s system monitors now automate many checks and chores that were previously done manually – saving the company money and helping them stay ahead of potential problems before they become serious.  And, with the automated monitoring and alerting, Mitsubishi’s Electric Automation IT team now has a lot more resources and free time to focus on innovation for their business users. 

“In a matter of days, we had enough information about SAP Solution Manager to set up system monitoring and reporting on our own – without taking on any additional cost.”

-Joe Cichon, Senior SAP Business Analyst, Mitsubishi Electric Automation Inc.

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