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This blog is outdated. Please read my new blog post CAP on Kyma – Deploy your CAP apps to SAP BTP, Kyma Runtime.

You might have already heard about the SAP BTP, Kyma runtime, and how you can use events and "functions as a service" to extend your applications. But you wonder how to build business applications for the Kyma runtime?
With this blog post, I want to give you an introduction on how to deploy and run business applications built with SAP Cloud Application Programming Model (CAP) on the Kyma runtime.
Kyma is a platform to extend applications with serverless functions and microservices

...and it gives you a full-fledged Kubernetes cluster as well. Basically, you can run all applications on Kyma that can be packaged into a Docker Image. This works for Java and Node.js CAP applications as well.

But what about all the useful services that SAP provides for the Cloud Foundry runtime? The good news is, that you can use many* of these services on the Kyma runtime as well. These services are exposed by SAP Service Manager using the Open Service Broker API. Kyma implements this API and the Kyma runtime is wired with the SAP Service Manager for your Subaccount. You can create service instances and inject the credentials into your Kubernetes pods based on your SAP BTP subaccount's entitlements.

Kyma Console - The Graphical User Interface for Kyma

My colleagues and I from the SAP BTP Extension team created a tutorial to give you a first impression of CAP on Kyma. You can complete it with no prior knowledge about Kyma and Kubernetes.

The tutorial is based on a Node.js CAP example application ("Risk Management"). It already contains two CAP services and an SAP Fiori UI. So you don't need to start from scratch.
If you're interested in CAP on Kyma, then I encourage you to try it out. My colleagues and I would be happy to get your feedback. Just leave a comment here or create an issue for the tutorial.
To do the tutorial, create an SAP BTP Trial account or use your own SAP BTP  subaccount and follow the instructions of the tutorial.

Screenshot from Risk Management example

Additional Information


* Not all SAP BTP services are available for the Kyma runtime at the time this blog has been written.