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This blog is for those who have recently acquired mobile devices and want to allow user to access it and restrict rights for the same.

For the REST, feel free to go through and share your feedback for any improvement.

To start with, lets see what are we dealing with:

You have a scenario set up already. Users are accessing reports. Daily work is going on fine. Then one fine day, you have 20 ipad devices to be deployed and customized for use.

Now comes the task of assigning users, categories, reports on ipad.

For getting started: Read This First

How to Connect SAP BO Mobile to a BI Server 4.0

How to Add Categories in Mobile

If you are already familar to the concept, below is the step to JUST DO IT

I will explain a step by step scenario to get this done.

PLEASE NOTE: This is what i did on my test machine. Hence, would request all readers to kindly play on a test machine first, rather than messing up the rights on your working system. As you all know, how frustating that can be!! :grin:


We start with a test user: ipad and his folder called : ipad

Category: FINANCE

Report added to ipad folder


  Create a test user ipad

ipad folder created and a report is assigned to it.

To make sure that ipad user is only able to view ipad folder and its contents

Universe, connections and folder rights assigned for the ipad user as shown


Category Finance created

Assign full control for the user ipad under FINANCE category

Report assigned to finance category.

PLEASE NOTE: this report should also be present under Mobile category, without which it wont be eligible to be displayed on the mobile device

Rights for the principal ipad for Mobile category ( if you have MobileDesigned category as well, same applies )

The configuration part is done.

Ensure now, that you are able to login to launchpad with the test user, able to see the folder, ipad, the report inside it. Able to refresh it ( if given rights for the same )

Now, login to ipad with the test user ipad.

                                                                                 ipad user login details

                                                               Able to see the FINANCE category and the report assigned to it.

Success finally!!

Check the Categories note added in the beginning of this blog, if you need clarifications about categories.

Hope this helps.

Please share your feedback.


Atul B