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Enter the intelligent era with a hybrid business intelligence strategy

SAP delivers best-in-class analytics by combining rapid innovation from the cloud with trusted on-premise capabilities. This integrated hybrid solution expands analytic insights without sacrificing your existing on-premise investments.

In detail, this means a seamless experience that business users do not have to think about where data or content is residing; On Premises and Cloud tools and assets work together. Sharing resources between On Premises and Cloud deployments such as tools, data connectivity, visualizations, security, distribution, budget, organization, program management, training, licensing, and internal evangelization, does not require understanding whether the resources are On Premises or Cloud. Often the journey starts with on-premise BusinessObjects which can be combined with SAP Analytics Cloud to provide faster innovation cycles with minimal disruption to the on-premise landscape.

SAP offers fast track to innovation using a flexible path to the cloud

In addition to a hybrid technical architecture, SAP also offers a hybrid commercial model that allows your on-premise maintenance spend to be right-sized when combined with a new cloud contract.

Based on existing investments in SAP software, customers can decide to reallocate elements of their installed on-premise solutions to the respective public cloud or private managed cloud solutions from SAP, replacing on-premise maintenance with public cloud or private managed cloud subscription.

Cloud deployments deliver additional value above and beyond what’s included with on-premise maintenance. They also include the infrastructure (servers and data centers) and operations (backup, restore, applying new versions).  Due to this additional value being provided, an expanded investment is required. Even with the expanded investment, SAP’s Cloud Extension Policy is usually the lowest cost option for combining on-premise BusinessObjects with cloud analytics when compared with competing cloud offerings, because only SAP can right-size on-premise Business Objects maintenance.

SAP BI Forrester Hybrid Research

The Forrester “Top 10 Facts Every Tech Leader Should Know About Hybrid cloud” report outlines many areas where companies are embracing the Intelligent Enterprise and understand the need for a hybrid Business Intelligence strategy.

Key Results:

  • 82% percent of companies agree that hybrid analytics/BI and data processing is a critical next step in the evolution of their analytics/BI

  • The majority of companies (60%) see some sort of hybrid configuration as the next iteration of their analytics/BI

  • Nearly two-thirds of companies anticipate that the future state of their analytics/BI and data processing will be comprised of a mix of on-premise and cloud resources

  • 71% of companies said they would feel less concerned about running analytics in the cloud if they knew that no data (including query results) would ever cross the firewall

  • 95% of respondents indicated that AI, machine learning, and IoT are important considerations for the future of their analytics/BI

Every company has a different approach to adopting cloud innovations based on their unique business requirements. This cloud extension model is an optional way that flexibly supports many different entry points into a cloud strategy.

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