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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Thanks to our Product Management&Product Owner I can sum up some insights on Rework Activities in Flexible Workflows.

To be at the same page we can use Rework Steps in Flexible Workflow as Building Blogs for the Business User which defines the Workflow based on in “Manage Workflows”.

Activities for Exception Handling are part of the Flexible Workflow Scenario. There’s a property of the step to expose that activity only as an outcome action activity and not as a process step. They are defined as any other reusable activity, only that they must have a fixed agent defined. Then they are exposed as outcome action:

Currently only predefined actions are accepted by the framework:

  1. Cancel workflow,

  2. Continue

  3. Repeat step

  4. Restart workflow

In the application callback the scenario developer can reduce that list for the whole scenario, meaning for each reusable activity.

Soon additionally, you can overwrite that configuration (either the standard config or the one developed in the callback) for a specific step, in SWDD_SCENARIO (Important note: this is actual not available so an outlook in 2020!!!):

There’s no “go to” at the moment and in this example only “repeat previous step” or “start again from the beginning” (“Cancel” and “Continue” for that rework activity is deactivated). The action result than is configured by the business process expert in Manage Workflows (depending on if it is available).

For Scenario Developers there is beside redefining methods the possibility to work with an Exit-Class.

Being able to have a custom action is already a requirement in the backlog.

So, stay healthy, stay tuned.
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