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The integration flow editor in SAP Cloud Integration with 3.31.x/6.7.x release is revamped with better modelling area and features that shall enable integration developers to work efficiently and improve developer productivity.

In this blog, I will give a short overview of each of these new features.

  1. Improvised Modelling Area

  2. Component Palette Horizontal View

  3. Search Step

  4. Double click

  5. Compressed Header section

Improvised Modelling Area

As soon as you open the integration flow and edit the flow, you will notice a comprehensive modelling area for integration flow development. The properties view is minimized by default to provide good visualization and ample area for modelling.

Image 1: New Integration Flow Editor


In the old Integration flow editor, modelling area was less because it consists of simulation mode and tool bar. Also, the component palette was placed vertically and properties view was kept open by default when user opens the integration flow.

Image 2: Old Integration Flow Editor


Component Palette Horizontal View

Palette for component is moved horizontally to visualize modelling area in a better way and the simulation controls has been assembled in the separate section of the palette.

Image 3: New Component palette horizontal view


In the old integration flow editor, component palette was vertically placed and simulation mode, toolbar were overlapping the modelling area.

 Image 4: Old Component palette vertical view


Search Step

Searching the step from the component palette is time consuming. Sometime even experts struggle to figure out under which category steps are positioned. In order to simplify the job of integration developer, we have introduced a feature to search the step. You can search the step with free text. For example Script, Groovy etc.

Image 5: Search the step


Once the intended step is searched you can select and drop in the modelling area.


Double click

We have introduced a feature to open the properties view of step and integration flow through double click event. You must double click the shape to open its corresponding properties view. This event is enabled for all supported steps of integration flow tooling such as Events, Flow steps, Adapters, Participants and integration flow.

Image 6: Select step for double click


Image 7: Properties view of step is opened


Apart from double click you can also leverage the splitter and restore button to open the properties view.

Image 8: Splitter to move properties view up and down


Image 9: Restore button to open the properties view


Compressed Header section

Header section of the integration flow editor is reduced. Header section which comprises of icons, breadcrumbs, title name and action buttons etc. is reduced to accommodate more space in the modelling area.

Image 10: Header section of the integration flow editor


In the future increments we plan to continue improving the user experience, visualization and provide more features in the integration flow editor which will improve developer productivity.

Looking forward to your feedback on the new integration flow editor.