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While the world is continuing to evolve and change at an incredibly fast pace, digital transformation strategies have become commonplace in boardroom meetings. Companies from all walks of life are blinded by the apparent need to adopt to the digital age quickly or risk losing out to competitors or emerging businesses. SAP is known for and continues to be a leader in enterprise software and has earned the reputation of a trusted vendor with a proven track record of running mission-critical business scenarios. We pioneered the way for our own digital transformation strategy and are dedicated to offering technologies and solutions to streamline our customers and partners’ journey as well. With SAP Cloud Platform, SAP is offering a world class platform-as-a-service (PaaS) for digital transformation, filled with many services and capabilities intended to address the various needs of businesses of all sizes and across all industries and Lines of Business.


We’re confident that within the SAP community most if not all people have at least heard of the SAP Cloud Platform. However, our experience coupled with close customer and partner collaboration has proven to us that while people likely heard of the SAP Cloud Platform, many still don’t completely understand just how the SAP Cloud Platform can help them. In our experience after getting through the initial what is the SAP Cloud Platform we are met with the following 3 words “how do I…” followed by numerous variations of “know”, “start”, “use”, “solve”, “learn”, “find” etc. With such a rich platform where does someone start? How do they make their current business processes integrate to the SAP Cloud Platform? How do they know if it makes more sense to use what SAP provides or create their own? How can everything work together? Can they try it before they buy it?  With these questions in mind we at SAP decided it was time to rethink how we enable the ecosystem. We took a step back, analyzed and combined the various questions and formulated some new assets to start addressing some of these questions.

This blog will serve as the landing page for us to start tackling these asks one at a time. The SAP Cloud Platform offers strong capabilities and robust services to solve a vast array of business challenges. With that in mind, we recognize (and hope you do too) that we can’t provide a one size fits all answer to some of these fundamental questions, however we can start somewhere and that somewhere is right here in this blog series. In collaboration with SAP Product Management and Development teams across SAP focused on the SAP Cloud Platform we will use this series as the starting point for your technical enablement and to get some answers straight from the experts. We will write subsequent blogs starting with the following topics:

This page will continue to grow as we work together with you to unravel and explain some of these questions. We know the value of the SAP Cloud Platform from our experience in seeing it solve business challenges and spearhead companies journey towards digital transformation so we are passionate about ensuring others see the same value.



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