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We’ve repeatedly heard the question “How do I use the SAP Cloud Platform to solve <insert common business challenge>?” and “How do I verify/authenticate users for my application?” In rethinking enablement assets, we work diligently with SAP Cloud Platform Product Management and development teams to bring you SAP Cloud Platform blueprints. The name is derived from an analogy where the term blueprint is used within the traditional construction industry. These blueprints were created to serve as inspiration and provide guidance to implement solutions that solve various business challenges and address security concerns using the SAP Cloud Platform.


SAP Cloud Platform blueprints were developed using real customer success stories and common use cases across various industries. The audience for these blueprints range from business users, who can understand the business challenge and subsequent solution, all the way to developers who can examine the solution diagram and see how the different services of the SAP Cloud Platform work together to achieve the solution. SAP Cloud Platform blueprints are the starting point for a new journey and if inspired they link to additional resources to spearhead implementation in the form of step-by-step tutorial guides and in some cases SAP HANA Academy videos.


SAP customers and partners can search for blueprints based on a specific business scenario, industry, product or SAP Cloud Platform capabilities. Each business blueprint describes:

  • A real-life business challenge

  • A comprehensive description of the solution achieved using the SAP Cloud Platform

  • Cohesive visuals of the solution diagram highlighting the required components

  • Links to relevant security blueprints and implementation resources


Explore SAP Cloud Platform blueprints to learn how mobilizing field workers with hybrid or native mobile apps can help companies gain competitive advantage in the digital age, how implementing an intuitive user experience can increase employee job satisfaction and reduce internal training costs, and how you can complement out of the box recruit onboarding process to increase managers productivity with automated processes.


As security is the first hurdle companies face when moving to the cloud, we have included dedicated security blueprints that allow companies to analyze security deployment options, independent of the business challenges. Security encompasses a variety of procedures, standards and technologies employed to protect data, applications and associated infrastructure. To make it easier these security blueprints are divided into three topics: Authentication, Authorization and Single Sign-on. Each security blueprints describes:

  • A variety of cloud security deployments for authentication, authorization and identity propagation

  • Security details with videos showcasing how authentication, authorization and identity propagation is achieved

  • A high level description of the implementation process


This is just the beginning, as our customers continue with their digital transformation journey, we will continue to provide guidance with new blueprints to help customers implement solutions that will adapt to their new sources of revenue, new markets, new products and new business models. Stay tuned!