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This blogpost serves as my entry to the SAP Low Code No Code Challenge using SAP AppGyver. SAP AppGyver is LCNC tool provided by SAP which helps you to achieve the What You See Is What You Get (‘WYSIWYG’) functionality, without writing a single line of code.

LCNC tools offer a simplified building experience, but they leverage the same kind of code and tooling as traditional development environments, and are, therefore, capable of delivering the same end results. They can remove many barriers related to code and coding skills when it comes to application development. Citizen developers can build their own apps leveraging these platforms.

Let’s get started with the application.

My App


The application has been designed for Retail store executives which provide the following functionalities to them under one application –

  1. Check Customer Data

  2. Check Customer Orders

  3. Count Store Inventory

Link to my application -

With this application, I have used multiple REST API calls, components, formulas, native capabilities of the mobile device, and created a data store locally on the device.

The Welcome page of the application provides the end user with the options to opt for the required functionality which he/she intends to achieve at any given point of time.

Welcome Page


The first functionality Customer Data lists all the customers maintained in the store. Store executive can click on a list item and dig deeper on the next page to see more details about the customer.

The second functionality Customer Order provides the details of the various Sales orders placed by the Customer along with their Partner Function details.

The last functionality of the application Count Store Inventory helps the executive to count the inventory of the store. Executive needs to scan the article and based on that description will be auto-populated on the screen. Next, he/she needs to enter the quantity available in the stock and press the SAVE button which will store the data locally on the Device.

Here is a demo of the application –

My experience


SAP AppGyver is a very cool tool and my experience with it has been amazing as I didn’t have to write a single line of code for this application & I got to learn various functionalities provided by the tool. I worked on few sample applications (based on the tutorials provided) before moving to the challenge.

Here, I connected my application with multiple public REST APIs from SAP API Business Hub & Open Foods Facts API –




Fig. 1

Also, I created a data store for On-device storage of the Inventory counting process.

Fig. 2

I incorporated the native capabilities of my mobile device by using the camera to scan the barcode of the product.

Fig. 3

Once the barcode is scanned, the description of the product is shown on the screen by fetching the details from the Open Food Facts API. Executive then provides the quantity and SAVE button is shown on the screen after that only. I have used a formula to make the button visible by checking the quantity using IS_EMPTY function.

Fig. 4

I have used Page variables to store the quantity, description and product ID of the product being counted. On press of SAVE, the application passes the page variable data to create a new record locally.

Fig. 5

Also, I created a composite component by adding a Text component inside the List Item component to show the Partner function details along with Order and Customer details.

Fig. 6



I found SAP AppGyver to be a powerful Low Code No Code tool with great features and functionalities. I will keep my learning journey on post this challenge as there is still lots of functionalities and features which needs to be explored.

To see LCNC in action, check out the SAP Low-Code/No-Code Learning Journey - designed to increase low-code/no-code skills and teach citizen developers the basic concepts of software development including SAP AppGyver, SAP Process Automation, and SAP Work Zone and learn how to build mobile apps for free. You can even earn a Certified Citizen Developer Associate badge after completing this learning journey. Check out LCNC and much more free learning at SAP Learning site.

Keep Learning & Keep Sharing!!
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