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Symptoms :

You might have faced issue while installing/configuring analytical fiori apps. By analytical apps I mean SAP Smartbusiness tiles and applications.

Once you have done installation you might find case where 8 tiles under KPI MODELER group is throwing error: “Cannot load tile”

Prerequisite :

SAP ANALYTICS FOUNDATION 1.0 installed.(see note 2183947).

Smartbusiness recommended roles added to your ABAP frontend , hana user.

Frontend User Role: /UI2/SAP_KPIFRW5_TC_R ( Runtime role)

               /UI2/SAP_KPIMOD_TC_R  ( Modeler role)

HANA User Role :


Resolving this error :

From error displayed in tile You can see it’s quite generic error.. There can be multiple reason for this.

To resolve the root cause you need to debug application further

  • Open Console window of your browser (chrome preferably).

  • Goto Network tab of console window.

  • In filter bar of network tab search for “Chips?$filter”.


  • Check the response of this request call: If it’s status code is anything apart from 200, you need to check weather /sap/hba/r/sb/core/odata/runtime/SMART_BUSINESS.xsodata call is getting redirected properly to HANA system where you have installed SAP ANALYTICS FOUNDATION 1.0. If you are getting HANA XS error message then it’s redirected properly to HANA server and you have resolve that. We will talk about it later.

  • You need to check weather all entities are properly activated in hana. If entities in /sap/hba/r/sb/core/db/hdbti/ are not activated   properly then issues in in HANA DU deployment. Check compatibility of installed smartbusiness framework and smartbusiness       content delivered by SAP. You need to make sure that each and every content related with smartbusiness is installed properly by   following note: 2125939.

  • If in step 5 you found out that calls with prefix /sap/hba/ were getting redirected properly to HANA server and you have verified     your installation with note : 2125939, then possibly issue is with deployment/activation of SAP ANALYTICS FOUNDATION. You       need to check weather all entities are properly activated in hana.

  • To resolve this issue goto HANA studio and run below queryit’ll list all packages where you have hdbti.:

         select distinct(package_id) from "_SYS_REPO"."ACTIVE_OBJECT" where package_id like 'sap.hba.%' and object_suffix = 'hdbti'.


  • Expand all packages listed in above query up till the folder where hdbti’s are visible.


  • Select and add all the hdbti  folder within packages listed using query.



  • Once all hdbti are added redeploy it.


Or alternatively you can follow note : 2158380.

Hope It resolve your issue.