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Today, in our continuing series of new functionality in Analysis edition for OLAP that may not share the spotlight with others, I would like to highlight the ability to resize the Task panel and Layout panel in BI4.1.


When you add hierarchies to a crosstab from the Data Task panel, the Layout panel shows which hierarchies are on the Rows, which are on the Columns and which have been filtered (Background). But if the hierarchy name is long or you filter more than a few members in the background, you have to rely on tooltips to see all the metadata.

Current (BI4.0)

The width of the Task panel and Layout panel is fixed in Analysis OLAP 4.0, regardless of the screen resolution. Additionally, in the Layout panel the space allocated for Rows, Columns and Background is also fixed. Typically you would have many more filtered hierarchies in the Background than you would hierarchies in the Rows or Columns. Consequently you had to scroll in the Background to see all the filtered hierarchies.


In BI4.1, the width of the Task Panel and Layout panel can be changed by simply dragging. Additionally, within the Layout panel the space allocated for Columns, Rows and Background hierarchies can be changed with a simple drag... as shown in the image below. Easy!

Look out for other posts showcasing what’s new in Analysis edition for OLAP over the coming days.