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In this blog, you’ll learn about Civey and SAP Data Warehouse Cloud – a perfect combination to unleash the value of insights into both your general audience and individual target personas. SAP Data Warehouse Cloud offers data from 5.000+ polls which you can combine with your customer or market data to grasp market changes and act based on a holistic understanding. In a practical example, you’ll see how Jan Frodeno – Brand Ambassador of SAP Business Technology Platform – uses this data, combined with his Instagram Poll, to focus on his target group.

Civey has fundamentally changed market and opinion research: As a technology company, Civey provides representative insights and precise snapshots that help companies, society, and individuals better understand markets and trends as well as opinions and positions. The company gathers and analyzes data in real-time by combining classical statistics and modern artificial intelligence.


Customers benefit from speed, reliability, and in-depth data due to Germany's largest open-access panel. For example, campaign measurements in real-time along the marketing funnel and within individual customer groups provide comprehensive target group analysis down to district level and unique market share measurements. Civey also offers surveys and thought leadership studies for customers from business, politics, and the media. Civey's customers include Volkswagen and Vodafone, institutions in the public sector and parts of the federal government, media outlets such as DER SPIEGEL and Bayerischer Rundfunk, as well as advertising agencies foundations, and political parties.

This value proposition is now available for SAP Data & Analytics customers that want to build their own reports and bring data together with other data sources for a holistic picture. This gives the chance to select the attributes or define key figures. In the example below we combined Swim, Bike, and Run into the potential fit for “Triathlon” through a calculated column for the question “Which Sports do you prefer to do actively.”



More importantly, you'll need to do thorough data management operations when you want to combine the data with sources that have other structures or new attributes that need to be derived to join or union the data. In Jan’s example, we connected the Instagram data from the Instagram Story Poll with SAP Data Warehouse Cloud.

As a result, the combined data can now be consumed in SAP Analytics Cloud or through the open interfaces of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud in your tool of choice. In Jan’s example, the SAP Analytics Cloud Story in Instagram Story Format is now being used to share the results with the #DataWednesday community.


If you want to learn more about Civey, check out their Website, contact, and start your SAP Data Warehouse Cloud trial right here.