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Managing the HR function is a bit like driving a car.  Things are fast paced.  Potential dangers lurk around every corner.  Yet somehow we’re able to safely navigate.   That is until we’re caught off-guard.  It’s the car in our blind spot that causes the accident.  So what’s the parallel to HR?  It’s the question we didn’t ask that comes back to haunt us.  Think about it.  By the time we launch a query, we already suspect something.  All we’re doing is looking for data to validate and quantify what we already suspect.

So how do we find out the question we should have asked but didn’t?  Key performance indicators are a step in the right direction.  Many HR departments develop dashboards that report against historically relevant data such as absenteeism, churn and employee satisfaction.  These vital signs may not, however, flag the issue currently lurking in our blind spot.

To address this issue, SuccessFactors has developed a new analytics service calledHeadlines.  The solution mines HR data identifying potentially significant trends.  Co-innovation customers such as Procter & Gamble and Coca Cola helped us hone the logic.  In the words of David Crumley, VP Global HRIS and Continuous Improvement at Coke:

“I love this! Big step forward! It addresses the big problems with using workforce information.  We have all of this cool data, but what does it mean, what is it telling me?   Managers have stats, but this now provides them with the ‘so what’.   You don’t need to be an HR guru or analyst – actionable insights about the workforce are served up, simple and easy.”

Headlines leverages SuccessFactors’ years of workforce analytics best practices. Features include:

  • Comprehensive Metrics: Comprehensive workforce metrics library and industry benchmark data.
  • Personalized: Custom configuration to personalize the metrics delivered to managers.
  • Predictive: Analytics that help predict future workforce hot spots and risks.
  • Built-in Strategy Bank: A powerful platform provides one click access from a headline to review additional insight and recommendations.
  • Choice of Access: Availability on any device (Web, mobile, iPad, etc.) and through collaboration tools such as e-mail and Jam.

Keeping the business on track is hard enough when obstacles are in our sights.  Against the unknown, we’re virtually defenseless.  It can derail us in an instant.  Thanks to Headlines, we can all sleep better knowing that our blind spots have been reduced.

Regards Sven Denecken (follow me @SDenecken)

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