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I’m part of the team working on the Observability feature for SAP BTP, Kyma Runtime, and in my previous blog post: Deprecation of Loki based application logs in SAP BTP, Kyma Runtime, I announced the deprecation of the logging functionality based on Loki. Today, I'd like to inform you about the imminent removal of the functionality with Kyma release 2.16.


The removal of the integrated Loki installation affects the following features:

  • You can no longer see historical logs (log rotation is performed once a day)

  • You can no longer see logs from already removed containers

  • You can no longer view logs in the integrated Grafana Explore view

Still, the following options will not be affected:

  • You can continue to retrieve logs for currently running workloads using the Kubernetes-native `kubectl logs` command.

  • You can continue to view current container logs in the dashboard of the Kyma runtime.

  • Also, you can continue to bring your custom solution for collection and long-term storage of application logs within or outside the cluster.

For more details on the available integration options, please read my previous blogpost: Deprecation of Loki based application logs in SAP BTP, Kyma Runtime,


The feature for retrieving application logs based on Loki will be removed from the SAP BTP, Kyma Runtime in version 2.16.

So, if you have no external logging system integrated yet, we urge you to start evaluating that; for example, by integrating with a 3rd-party provider like Dynatrace, or a custom installation like Loki.

Stay tuned for upcoming SAP BTP Kyma Runtime blog posts and follow the related topic page.