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Hello Community!

Remote Support is available to quickly diagnose and solve incidents that you report for SAP Business Application Studio, without needing to be at your desk or on the phone.

We can connect to your system and analyze the issue that you are dealing with through either of the following methods:

  • Connect to your environment with the SAP Business Application Studio URL and your technical user credentials (fastest solution for Very High tickets).

  • Connect to your SAP Business Application Studio environment by adding developer rights for the support engineer

Here’s more information about each method.

Option #1: Grant access to your application using the URL and login credentials

This is the fastest way to analyze your incident and is recommended for the most urgent tickets.

At this stage, the developer or support engineer will ask you to share your SAP Business Application Studio environment URL and your technical user login credentials.

You can send the URL of your application in the incident communication area and you can add your login credentials securely as seen below:

  1. From the Customer Remote Logon Depot, from the Credentials tab, click Add.                                                             Add Credentials

  2. Fill in all required fields flagged with *.

    1. Under Logon Data, select the Service Type from the drop-down list. Depending on the Service Type that is selected other required attributes may be displayed.
      Tip: If you're not sure which Service Type to select or the options do not apply to your incident, select any service type such as R/3 Support.

    2. In the Additional Info box, additional information specifically for these credentials can be provided as free-text.

For more information, see these How to add logon credentials for a support incident.

Option #2: Grant access to your application by adding developer rights for the support engineer

You can also grant permissions directly by adding the developer or the support engineer as a user of your organization’s account.

To authenticate and authorize the new user, follow these steps:

  1. Log on to the SAP BTP cockpit with a Subaccount Administrator user.

  2. Navigate to the subaccount.

  3. On the left menu, click Security -> Users.

  4. Click Create.                                                                SAP BTP Cockpit

  5. Enter the e-mail of the support engineer, select the Default Identity Provider, and click Create to add a new user.                                                              Create New User 

  6. Click on the new user.

  7. A panel opens on the right. Click on the three dots next to Role Collections and click Assign Role Collections.

                                                                      Assign Role Collection 

  1. Select the "Subaccount Viewer”, “Business_Application_Studio_Developer " and any other role requested and click Assign Role Collection.                                                          Selecting Relevant Roles

  2. If access to the Cloud Foundry org or space is requested, choose Cloud Foundry -> Org Members -> Add Members.                                                                 Add Members

  3. If you have a space configured, follow the next steps: Cloud Foundry -> Spaces -> select the space -> Members -> Add Members, and add the support engineer's email (Origin = sap.ids) with the Auditor role + any other role requested.


! Note: If you have issues with adding the user to Cloud Foundry, see the following links for more information:

After the case is resolved, I recommend removing the provided permissions.


In this blog post, you learned about how to use the remote support to help solve any issues you may encounter. We look forward to supporting you and helping to resolve incidents efficiently and easily.

We would be very interested to hear your input, so feel free to add your comments below.

For more information on SAP Business Application Studio, check out more SAP Business Application Studio blog posts and questions.


Best wishes,