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Hello Everyone,

In case of remote search (search via additional back-end systems) is set up, we have some available corrections valid for release 751 :
2455779 - Search errors for remote search: table or view . does not exist
2451946 - Error in search on ESH_CONNECTOR: Response attributes of model contain a 1:N
2456691 - Term mapping table of remote back-end system is sought in wrong schema

Then we have the following notes which concern the File Loader functionality :

2459732 - Error message "SW Comp. xxx is active for SNOTE. No customizing transports are possible.", when saving customer SW Comp.
2458881 - File Loader: Http communication robustness ( run time error OBJECTS_MOVE_NOT_SUPPORTED )

In the case of a search using a language-dependent request attribute, no hits are displayed if a combination of a freestyle search and a negative attribute search is performed.

2451751 - Search using language-dependent request attribute

Kind Regards

ESH Product Support