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If you look at it a certain way, support pack (SP) 5 makes things harder for Focused Build users. It’s harder to take small missteps that result in errors further along in the requirement-to-deploy process. It’s harder to accidentally overwrite colleagues’ test case data. Among the innovations delivered with SP 5, it’s also hard to not notice the Focused Build teamwork opportunities. SP 5 offers a digital high-five for enabling new features of coordination between systems and between users.

Teaming up with Focused Build and SAP Solution Manager systems

For any team, sports or otherwise, the celebratory high-five remains undeniable. As a rule, if a situation gives cause for a celebration and if a teammate approaches you with a raised hand, it must upon first sight be met by clapping your palm against the other’s hand, as surely as Sir Isaac Newton’s third law of motion states that every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

Likewise, the SP 5 offering invites the reaction of continued system-to-system cooperation between Focused Build and SAP Solution Manager. Teamwork is inherent in Focused Build’s official name: Focused Build 2.0 SP 5 for SAP Solution Manager. As an add-on to the latest release of SAP Solution Manager 7.2, Focused Build enhances up-to-date SAP Solution Manager features and processes by adding specific functions with minimal risk to live operations.

Starting with the prerequisite SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SPS 10, the specific component to download is ST-OST 200. To learn more about how this newest version of Focused Build can best apply requirement-to-deploy processes with SAP Solution Manager, huddle up at the Focused Build landing page, SAP Support Portal.

Checking out notable Focused Build SP 5 features

  • When it comes to reliable help information where you work, Project Management UI5 is the first Focused Build app to incorporate the new in-app help feature. Try it out. Selecting the question mark (?) icon overlays context-sensitive help directly on your current view. Navigate to the glowing bubbles that highlight on-screen elements. Browse background information or operation instructions, and get back to work in seconds.


  • For Project Management, SP 5 offers logical error-proof improvements to project preparation, which boost reliability for the requirement-to-deploy process. I’ve mapped some out below:


  • Regarding translations for solution documentation, you can now rely on language recognition for dropDocs integration to Work Package and Work Item. In addition, you can get an overview from the documents tab of maintained languages and translations.


  • The SP 5 filtering solution for the project display is a reliable way to avoid error messages. When creating work packages in Requirement Management or My Work Packages applications, you’ll need to choose a project. The new filter helps by limiting the project selection to only those projects that are part of the selected solution.


  • Similarly, to avoid unnecessary branch selection in Test Steps Designer, SP 5 provides automatic selection of editable branches.


  • SP 5 supports several users working together on the same test case. New features in applications of My Test Executions and Test Steps Designer provide information regarding the latest test case changes and the user credited with the latest changes. This adds transparency and security when deciding whether to overwrite changes.


  • A new SP 5 option allows for cooperative efforts via data sharing in My Test Executions and Test Steps Designer. Result attributes can be designated as public, which make them visible to authorized users in the form of previous results from a test sequence.


  • Finally, SP 5 takes away extra navigation steps among teammates when it comes to accessing assigned test packages. The standard e-mail notification, which lists the test packages waiting in the user’s worklist, now contains a direct link to My Test Executions.

Finding more Focused Build info

From here, I’ll pass the ball to additional Focused Build resources: