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As data continues to explode and the demand for data management and analytics continues, BI and Analytics teams are looking for ways to make better use of their existing budgets.

BI Standardization or rationalization is one way that BI Teams and BI/Business Analytic Competency Centers can improve Total Cost of Ownership by ensuring that BI and Analytics standard tools have been defined and are being used whenever possible and appropriate.

Of course, there will be times when a new capability is needed or when existing standard tools do not meet needs and standard will need to be deviated from. But these should be the exception not the rule.

SAP has developed a BI Standardization Calculator that reviews potential cost savings in 5 key areas:

  • License Costs

  • License Maintenance

  • Administration

  • Help/Support

  • User Training

Try the SAP BI Standardization Cost Calculator to estimate your costs savings through BI standardization or rationalization. We've included some average costs which you can override with your own!

Note: Use PowerPoint "Slide Show" mode to launch the calculator!