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Landscape data is pretty much at the center of all processes in cloud and lifecycle management and SLD and LMDB are the most important application in gathering landscape data you own:

A system landscape including consumers of landscape data with recommended SLD Data Suppliers setup

Since these processes evolve like the landscape itself, more landscape data is needed and hence processes to gather it need to evolve with it. Therefore, the recommendation is, to set all Data Suppliers instead of the RFC call to use the HTTPs protocol, which is now available for AS ABAP’s RZ70 transaction.

Why to Switch?

There are several reasons to bring RZ70 to HTTP(S):

  1. Function: HTTP(S) based Data Supplier connections already provide additional information, for example on installed SAP notes

  2. Guaranteed Future: HTTP(S) is the Data Supplier connection, where new features are made available

  3. Harmonization: You are using one type of connection for all technical systems

  4. This also supports the LMDB as a Data Supplier Target in SAP Solution Manager 7.2

How-to Switch & Prerequisites for the Switch of RZ70 to HTTP(S)

The following figure shows an RZ70 set-up with all options currently available

  • One RFC Connection to SLD

  • Several HTTP(S) Connections to SLD

The following shows the new UI of transaction RZ70:

The recommended step now would be to remove the RFC Destination and replace it with an HTTP(S) connection to the required Data Supplier Target.

Technical Prerequisites

SAP Note 2188401 - Enabling HTTP(S) in RZ70 describes the technical prerequisites for a switch. It also explains what to do, should the UI not look like as shown above.


There are two possible ways to switch:

  • FRUN customers need to do this for all technical systems

  • All other customers need not change all Data Suppliers in one go but can move systems successively

Further Information

For for the big picture information, see Landscape Management Process; for details, see

Also see SAP Note 2382263 - RZ70: Switch Framework Status and Active Business Functions