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SAP Mobile Documents enables you to create team shares and collaborate with your colleagues. In my previous blog Collaborate with your colleagues using SAP Mobile Documents, I showed you how our team collaborate better using SAP Mobile Documents Team share features.

Quite often, we want to receive large files from colleagues. To achieve this, we have to create a share where we grant permission to the colleagues, sends the link to her and ask her to copy the files there. There can be many scenarios where you might not know the id or email of your colleague e.g. receiving large log files from customers who reported an issue.

You can use SAP Mobile Documents to receive documents from colleagues whose email or id is not known to you.

You need to execute following steps to achieve it:

Create a new public share

Open the Web UI for SAP Mobile Documents to create team shares. In the Web Client navigate to the Shared Documents tab. Use the “Create” button to create a new share. Enter Name of the share.

In the team share creation screen, select “Anyone with the link has access” option. This will generate a public link to the share later which can shared with colleagues and they can use it to access the share content.

You can select the option "Write Permission" to enable anyone having the public link to add more documents in the location pointed by the public link.

You can protect the public link via password, to ensure that only the colleague having the password can add documents to the location pointed by the public link.

Press Save to create the public share.

You can mail the public link to your your colleague. When your colleague opens the public link, she will see option to edit the share content e.g. Create Folder, Upload etc.

Once documents are uploaded in the public team share by your colleague, you can download them.

You can also setup selective sync in your desktop client to get the files automatically downloaded to your desktop. Check my previous blog Collaborate with your colleagues using SAP Mobile Documents on how you can setup the selective sync.

Find more business use cases addressed by SAP Mobile Documents here: Use Cases and Business Scenarios with SAP Mobile Documents

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