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Product and Topic Expert


In this blog, I’d like to recap the SAP Community Call for ALM from May 18, 2022. You will find a summary of the topics as well as a collection of useful links. I will also provide a summary of the Q&A topics.

The focus topic of this call was SAP Solution Manager.

The structure of this blog post follows the order of the webcast agenda. Let’s get started!


Important information: Please Re-Register to continue to receive invitations for the call!

To further receive e-mail invitations to future SAP Community Call for ALM webinars, we need to ask you to register again. Please go to the landing page and click on “Register Now”. On the following page, please select all calls you want to get invited to. You will only get invitations to the selected calls!


News from the SAP Community: Blog highlights and a new blog series

This month I presented my personal blog highlights from the SAP Community:


Another highlight from the SAP Community is the new blog series by cay.rademann about “ALM for SAP S/4HANA Cloud – SAP Cloud ALM or SAP Solution Manager?”. Cay publishes 2 to 3 new posts per week until June 1st.

My recommendation is to start from the first blog and read on from there:



News from SAP Product Support: SAP Support Hub Configuration

Configuration to connect SAP Systems to SAP side via the "Support Hub" is necessary for every system which needs to communicate with SAPs Backend.

Due to changes in SAP Support Backbone a customer PSE file used could now run into issues. To avoid this the "SSL client (Anonymous)" PSE or the PSE with certificates for the technical communication users can be used. Further information can be found in SAP Note 3146827.

The Task Lists already provide the choice between an authentication of the technical communication user with "username and password" logon or with Client Certificate.

The Task List SAP_BASIS_CONFIG_OSS_COMM can be updated to use "SSL client (Anonymous)" PSE when "username and password" authentication is chosen, see SAP Note 2827658.

We are planning to make similar changes to the Task Lists for SAP Focused Run and SAP Solution Manager.

More resources:

  • SAP Solution Manager:

    • Backbone Update Landing Page

    • 2805811 - How to enable client certificate authentication for Technical Communication Users

    • 3118699 - How to enable client certificate authentication for Solution Manager Support Hub Webservices

  • Other ABAP based Systems:

    • SAP Note 2827658 - Automated Configuration of new Support Backbone Communication - Update 02


SAP Cloud ALM: Quarterly Updates, new integration to ServiceNow

Quarterly Updates: Since the release of SAP Cloud ALM, we provided information about new and enhanced features in the “What’s New in SAP Cloud ALM” calls. This will now be continued with the new “SAP Cloud ALM Quarterly Updates”. After every quarter, we look back on what has been newly released in SAP Cloud ALM. To get invited to these webinars, please visit the landing page and register. You will only be invited to the webinars you register for!


ServiceNow Integration

New in SAP Cloud ALM is an integration into ServiceNow. When events are created in SAP Cloud ALM, you can now forward this event to ServiceNow to create an incident or a case.

You can find step-by-step instruction how to configure the integration here.


SAP Solution Manager: 10 Tips on how to survive your agile S/4HANA project with Focused Build

Next, robin.schoenwald shared valuable information from a consulting perspective on how to survive agile SAP S/4HANA projects.

Read his blog here!


Customer Connection delivery call scheduled

tim.steuer again shared the dates for the customer connection delivery calls.

DELIVERY CALL scheduled for Tuesday, May 24th, 2022:

  • German | Start time: 10:00am CET (Berlin, Paris)

  • English | Start time: 3:00pm CET (Berlin, Paris), 09:00am EST

Find the dial-in data here.


SAP Focused Run: Join the upcoming “What’s New” webinar!

Join the webinar on June 21, 2:30pm CEST to learn about what is new in SAP Focused Run 3.0 FP03!

Register here! (SAP LearningHub account required)


Mentimeter Poll

As usual, tim.steuer asked the participants some questions using Mentimeter. The questions this month focused on SAP Focused Run and on your plans regarding the upcoming ALM summits.

When do you plan to move to SAP Focused Run 3.0 FP03?


Which ALM Summit do you plan to join?



Upcoming Events: What’s going on?

The dates for the SAP ALM Summits 2022 are now fixed:

  • July 26 - 29: APJ (virtual): register here

  • October 18 - 21: EMEA (in-person)

  • November 15-17: NA (in-person)


Other events:

Find out about all ALM Events here:


The next SAP Community Call for ALM will take place on June 22, at 4pm CEST / 10am EST.

Remember: you have to register yourself again to receive invitations for future ALM calls!


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Q&A: You ask, we answer

Here you can find some of the questions which were raised during the call, as well as the answers provided by our experts. This month, there only was a low number of questions in the call, so I only picked one for this blog.


Q: we are looking for the security concept for cloud ALM, especially the interface with cloud tenant and S4?
A: There are details on User Data From Managed Systems here , also see this link and this link (SAP Help Portal)


Wrap-Up: Let us know what you think!

You can find the recording of the ALM Community Call from May 18 here.

The presentation of the call can be downloaded here.


Please let us know in the comments section if this blog was useful and if you would like us to continue with this after every ALM Community Call!