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Product and Topic Expert


In this blog, I’d like to recap the SAP Community Call for ALM from July 20, 2022. You will find a summary of the topics as well as a collection of useful links. I will also provide a summary of the Q&A topics.

The focus topic of this call was SAP Focused Run.

The structure of this blog post follows the order of the webcast agenda. Let’s get started!


News from the SAP Community: Blog highlights and a new blog series

To kick off the call, tonja.kehrer presented her blog highlights from the SAP Community:

  • SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SPS15 is Available, Providing Key Customer Innovation Requests by evan.stoddard

  • Support Package 10 of Focused Build released – including lots of requests from our customers by joerg_marenk

  • Synthetic User Monitoring (SUM) in SAP Cloud ALM in action by carolinaaksel


News from SAP Product Support:  Schedule an Expert

Schedule an expert is a real-time support what offers that will enable customers to directly schedule 30-minute block of time to meet with a support expert and discuss a topic which you would normally log an incident or an Expert Chat for. Schedule an Expert offers a new way to connect with an SAP Support expert in a live, one-on-one 30-minute call.

Useful resources:


SAP Solution Manager: SP15 is out

On July 18, SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SP15 (incl. SAP Fiori apps 1.0 for SAP Solution Manager SP14) together with SAP Focused Build and Insights 2.0 SP10 have been successfully released as planned.

To find out what is in SP15, please join the upcoming What’s New calls:


SAP Cloud ALM: Content for SAP Ariba coming up

Coming soon: SAP Cloud ALM implementation content for SAP Ariba!

​Out-of-the-box implementation of integrated processes​:

  • Effectively run fit-to-standard workshops with process templates

  • Easily onboard your project team

  • Automate task assignment for your project members

  • Orchestrate all test activities

  • Consistently deploy to production

  • Monitoring for SAP Ariba integration and exception (available today!)

  • Track progress with built-in reporting

Accelerated implementation and adoption following the SAP Activate methodology for SAP Ariba!


SAP Focused Run: FP03 just released

Stefan Lahr provided an overview over some highlights of the latest feature pack for SAP Focused Run.

Job & Automation Monitoring

Job & Automation Monitoring is a new application, designed to offer a unified monitoring for all kind of jobs and automations (e.g. SAP Business Workflow).

SAP Focused Run 3.0 FP03

  • offers monitoring for ABAP jobs and BW Process Chains

  • offers monitoring for S4/HANA Cloud Essentials Application Jobs, Intelligent Robotic Process Automation Jobs and further job types

  • offers job execution data analysis (e.g. for runtime, failure rate …)

  • covers most features of Job Monitoring (ABAP only) (for details see Expert Portal).


Tactical Dashboards

  • Java Systems are now fully supported in the Patch Level for each Software Component

  • If “Latest Available Patch Level” is lower than the “Patch Level” value, a warning is now displayed and the corresponding component is not rated

  • This can happen when the CR content is not updated as requested

  • Improved Performance for the Maintenance Scenario using pre-calculated LMDB values from SAP_FRN_AAI_CALC Job


OCC Dashboards

  • New Statistical Records Data Provider to display different “ST03N” metrics for each system

  • New Import / Export functionality available in “Page Personalization” area

    • Can be used to “transport” complex configurations from Test to Prod

    • Export --> Modify --> Import

    • Use it in the same system to do bulk changes on the json file before importing again

  • New key figure available in the Service Availability Management data provider: Availability Time Series

    • This KPI will return three series for each system:

      • "Available”, "Outage”, "Planned downtime”

    • Unit of measure

    • Percentage, Minutes

    • Supported granularities

      • Hour, Day Month

  • Additional filter on Exception Monitoring data provider

    • It can be used, for example, to filter only specific Message IDs in SysLog exceptions (e.g. A1-09, Debug and Replace activity detected)

    • Wildcards are now supported in filters in expert mode

  • Alerts Data Provider

    • It is now possible to select individual KPIs

    • Alerts Created

    • Alerts Confirmed


Mentimeter Poll: We asked, you answered!

As usual, tim.steuer asked the participants some questions using Mentimeter. The questions this month focused on Schedule an Expert, SAP Focused Run and on your plans regarding the upcoming ALM summits.


Did you already schedule an expert?


How about using SAP Focused Run?


Are you subscribed to the ALM newsletter?


Upcoming Events: What’s going on?

The dates for the SAP ALM Summits 2022 are:


Further events:

  • SAP Cloud ALM What’s New Quarterly Update: July 27 & 28 (register here)

  • What's New in SAP Solution Manager SP15

  • SAP Community Call for SAP Cloud ALM Experts: August 3 (register here)

  • DSAG Jahreskongress Leipzig, October 11 -13 (register here)


Upcoming SAP Community Call for ALM

The next SAP Community Call for ALM will take place on August 17, at 4pm CEST / 10am EST.

Remember: you have to register yourself again to receive invitations for future ALM calls!


Q&A: You ask, we answer

Q: Are there any plans to bring some of the dashboards from Focused Run into at least Focused Insights?
A: There is no data transfer between SAP Focused Run and SAP Solution Manager, therefore the dashboards in Focused Insights cannot show data from SAP Focused Run. If you need the same type of dashboard in Focused Insights as in Focused Run, they need to be built manually in Focused Insights.


Q: Is Job Scheduling Management of Solution Manager available also in SAP Cloud ALM?
A: Job Scheduling Management is not available in SAP Cloud ALM and it is also not on the roadmap.


Q: Why is it that for Focused Run it is not possible to use the Chat Function in SAP One Support Launchpad? "Not available for this component"
A: Unfortunately, we do not offer chat for SAP Focused Run yet.


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Wrap-Up: Let us know what you think!

You can find the recording of the ALM Community Call from July 20 here.

The presentation of the call can be downloaded here.


Please let us know in the comments section if this blog was useful!