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Here are the highlights of the sessions that Gateway for Microsoft Development team presented at Bangalore TechEd 2015 from 11-13 March. Quality time that we spent with Partners, Customers & Developers were exciting. We had a great interaction with Partners, Customers & Developers. Development team had given a total of 10 sessions at Bangalore TechEd '15.

Session: CJ614 - Enterprise-Ready .Net Applications Leveraging SAP Gateway for Microsoft

This was first of our session at Bangalore TechEd '15. We had total of 5 CodeJam mini edition sessions at Bangalore TechEd '15. These sessions had 10 laptops for attendees to do a hands-on session.

I started with introduction, provided background & use case for Gateway for Microsoft. Then I moved on the features (enterprise-ready, developer-ready & business-ready) of Gateway for Microsoft. Most of the people who attended the session came to know about Gateway for Microsoft for the first time and it gave me good opportunity to introduce them with the features & endless capabilities which this framework provides. Then I moved on to the hands-on coding session, where we built Windows Form application using Public OData Gateway service. There were attendees who couldn't get a place within the session & were standing outside of the CodeJam area.

Session: CJ612 - Outlook Integration via SAP Gateway for Microsoft Leveraging SAP Fiori

Fiori & Outlook were the buzz words of the next session. In this session I helped attendees Approve a Purchase Order created using SAP Fiori Sales Approval scenario. This session started with Introduction of Gateway for Microsoft & I explained how Outlook can be helpful within an organization for Approval scenarios.

Session: CJ600 - Integrate SAP Data in Microsoft Outlook via SAP Gateway for Microsoft

This was also Mini CodeJam session and was conducted by Prathiba. In this session she started with the need of interoperability framework for Microsoft productivity tools. She explained how the easy & quick to understand and consume the SAP Data in Microsoft UI. And, then rest of the session was focused on how to fetch Business Partner Contacts within Outlook. In this she showed how easy it is to map SAP fields to the Outlook fields and how it can help business users understand the context clearly. In this session Prathiba also showed how to create, update & delete a contact within Outlook.

Demo Session - MOB912 - Consumption of SAP Data on O365 Apps based on GWM for Azure

In this session Srimathi showcased how Gateway for Microsoft for Azure can be used to integrate SAP Data in Microsoft On-line applications. Focus of this demo was to create awareness among attendees about this end-to-end Cloud connectivity & enablement using Gateway for Microsoft for Azure. Srimathi used Microsoft SharePoint Online & Microsoft Outlook Online as one of the Microsoft Productivity Tools to demo the integration. To enable this integration, she used "App for Office" as concept to create add-on for these online solutions. Attendees were amazed of the capability that Gateway for Microsoft for Azure provided to them and there were lots of Business Cards got exchanged along with lots of Q&A. This demo session seen great number of attendees & generated lot of interest.

Road Map session - ITM824 - Road Map Q&A: Gateway for Microsoft

In this Roadmap session, Paramita talked about various features & capabilities of Gateway for Microsoft. Paramita gave a walkthrough of feature available with previous releases, features that are going to be available in upcoming release and what customers & partners can expect in future from Gateway for Microsoft. She gave a demo of existing features set which is available today with Gateway for Microsoft Add-in solution and Gateway for Microsoft for Azure solution.

And, all of these sessions were repeated once in next 2 days i.e. on 12th March & 13th March 2015. We also had 2 Expert Networking session in Networking Lounges. We met few of our customers and partners who had questions on Licensing and Usage of Gateway for Microsoft for Microsoft Excel scenario.

We had a great interaction with customers & partners. We listened to their thoughts, understood their problems, provided quite a few solutions, showed them the demos, answered their questions and showed them the product capability in Roadmap & CodeJam sessions.

Spreading smiles with Gateway for Microsoft - by Gateway for Microsoft Development Team :smile:

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